8 Best places to visit in Israel

8 Best places to visit in Israel. A Mind Map by Arpit Banjara.

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8 Best places to visit in Israel by Mind Map: 8 Best places to visit in Israel

1. 1. Masada

1.1. The desert fortress of Masada was the scene of the tragic last resistance of the Zealots

1.1.1. an ancient Jewish sect to the Romans in 73 A.D

1.2. You can still see the ramparts

1.2.1. that the Romans built as part of their siege of Masada and many other evocative ruins as well

1.3. Reach the 1,300-foot peak

1.3.1. by hiking up the Snake Path or by cable car

2. 2. Ramon Crater

2.1. Ramon Crater is the largest of three erosion craters

2.1.1. found in the Negev Desert

2.2. The geological landform is believed

2.2.1. to have started forming millions of years ago when the ocean began receding

2.3. It was a few more million years before

2.3.1. it became the crater it is today

2.4. Ringed by mountains

2.4.1. the colorful crater is more than 450 meters (1,500 feet) deep

2.4.2. and nearly 40 km (25 miles) long

2.5. The world’s largest erosion crater is accessible to the public

2.5.1. you can ogle the varying terrain as you hike bike or drive through it

3. 3. Caesarea

3.1. It was founded by Herod the Great

3.1.1. in honor of Caesar Augustus

3.2. In 1952, it became the only city in Israel

3.2.1. to be governed by a private corporation

3.3. Antiquities park is where you’ll find ruins

3.3.1. from Herod’s extensive building campaign

3.4. You’ll also find more ruins by walking through the old city

3.4.1. or maybe you’ll want to take in a re-enactment of horse races in the hippodrome

3.5. The new Caesarea is modern and upscale

3.5.1. Maybe you’ll want to sunbathe on the sandy beaches play golf or take in the annual jazz festival

4. 4. Tel Aviv

4.1. It is Israel’s second largest city

4.1.1. and the country’s financial hub

4.2. Tel Aviv is known as a party city

4.2.1. as one that doesn’t sleep

4.3. The city is home to

4.3.1. the national opera

4.3.2. and philharmonic orchestra

4.4. Its Mediterranean beaches are some of the world’s best

4.5. The city has several outstanding museums

4.5.1. including Beth Hatefulsoth that tells the story of Jewish persecution over the ages

5. 5. Jerusalem

5.1. The heart of Israel beats strongly at Jerusalem

5.1.1. one of the oldest cities in the world

5.2. It is considered a holy city by three major religions

5.2.1. Judaism

5.2.2. Christianity

5.2.3. and Islam

5.3. Its historic Old City is divided into four quarters

5.3.1. Jewish

5.3.2. Christian

5.3.3. Armenian

5.3.4. and Muslim

5.4. you can walk in Jesus’ footsteps

5.4.1. on the Via Dolorosa’ pray at the Western Wall

5.5. see the Church of the Holy Sepulcher

5.5.1. where Christians believe Jesus is buried

5.6. you can also tour the Tower of David

5.6.1. a medieval citadel

6. 6. Eilat

6.1. Eilat, on the Red Sea

6.1.1. is Israel's seaside resort par excellence

6.2. If visits to the holy sites in Jerusalem and elsewhere leave you with a weighty sense of history

6.2.1. blow it all off here where suntanning watersports and swimming with dolphins is de rigueur

7. 7. Sea of Galilee

7.1. The Sea of Galilee is the lowest freshwater lake on earth

7.1.1. and the second lowest lake in the world

7.2. Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount was supposedly

7.2.1. given on a hill overlooking the sea

7.3. It’s a popular destination for Christian pilgrims

7.3.1. who want to see where Jesus walked on water

7.4. The 65-km (40-mile) long Jesus Hiking Trail

7.4.1. that visits places where Jesus worked his ministry is another draw

7.5. People also come from all over the world

7.5.1. to be baptized at the spot the lake flows into the Jordan River

8. 8. Dead Sea

8.1. The lowest point on earth at more than 430 meters (1,412 feet) below the sea level

8.1.1. the Dead Sea is not only fun to float in it is also healthy historic and surrounded by breathtaking beauty

8.2. This endorheic lake is one of the saltiest bodies of water on Earth

8.2.1. giving it the perfect buoyancy for floating

8.3. Plus you can cover your body

8.3.1. in the healthy Dead Sea mud to find pure, inner relaxation

8.4. Once in the Dead Sea area, there are two other sites that should not be missed

8.4.1. Masada with its archaeological importance and amazing views

8.4.2. and Ein Gedi a water oasis in the desert

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