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Practical learning from experts by Mind Map: Practical learning from experts

1. Problem

1.1. Pakistani IT graduates passing out from most of the Universities not have enough skills to get job quickly.

1.2. Current IT market is very demanding and they offer internships/jobs to students/graduates who know some skills i.e. Mobile Development, Web Development, Designing and etc..

1.3. Most of the Pakistani Developers are not up to date with the technology trends and using old technologies

1.4. Most of the software development firms are using the old technologies and they are not aligned with international market standards using development/management/creative tools and most of them just want to make the project complete with minimum cost.

1.5. IT students during their study time not much aware which field they want to chose and think that we just need to catch a job only and they will get surprise when they start job or go for interview.

1.6. There are less startups in our country and if any student have any idea, most of them were unable to execute because of less knowledge and actually they are not clear how to make it done or execute in market.

1.7. Some of the teachers are old fashioned because they are serving the current IT market, so they have out dated content and pushing back students from latest technologies and trends. For example: there is a difference if you teach Intro to computing from a teacher compared to from an on job 5+ years experience expert.

1.8. Carrier counseling is required and now some of the universities are working on it but still there is gap in market for some government level universities.

1.9. Some K-10 and K-12 are very genius who can start learning IT if they have interest but they are not sure where to start and there is no platform exists for them and same this is for people who want to change their fields.

1.10. Students who self learn are more successful but the success ratio in them are low because of lack in guidance or unavailability of mentors

1.11. Pakistanis who are working abroad like in USA/UK/Germany unable to share their knowledge or directions to local students or on job employees to groom them

2. Market

2.1. 1. All IT 3rd or final year students

2.2. 2. K-10 or K-12 who want learn

2.3. 3. On Job employees who want to learn different technologies to switch or upgrade their job roles

3. Competitor Analysis

3.1. Which other products already exist to address this problem?

3.2. Udacity

3.3. Udemy

3.4. Khan Academy

3.5. Coursera

3.6. Lynda

3.7. etc..

4. Solution

4.1. Gather Experts to teach Students course attendees

4.2. Pay teachers as well

4.3. Design course like to minimize hours spend by teachers

4.4. Provide Mentor ship to students by experts

4.5. Help build them better LinkedIn, GitHub and word resume.

4.6. Work on practical projects which can be useful on job

4.7. For students it will be 10 hr per week and duration of complete course depends on the student learning/understanding capacity.

4.8. For teachers it will be around 5 hr/week approx on zoom and few 1-1 call in a month from each student for 30 minutes

5. USP's

5.1. Learn from market experts

5.2. Students get to know what is real project current industry required

5.3. New opportunity for experienced on job employee to earn extra money

5.4. For students self paced learning as well as their code reviews and guidance

6. Costs

6.1. What are the startup costs involved with your solution?

6.2. Domain - 2,000/-

6.3. Content - 8,000/-

6.4. Web Design & Development - 20,000/-

6.5. Total: PKR 30,000/-

6.6. What will the projected running costs be?

6.7. Marketing - 10,000/-

6.8. Operator - 15,000/-

6.9. Course creation - 15,000/-

6.10. Hosting - 5,000/-

6.11. Other (phone & etc..) - 10,000/-

6.12. Total: 55,000/-

7. Risks

7.1. What are the risks associated with your solution?

7.2. Get experts on board and make them agree

7.3. Course content

7.4. How do you plan on overcoming these?

7.5. Make them agree that their efforts will improve coming batches in Pakistan and they can earn some amount as well

7.6. Get an outline from Udacity and experts

8. Revenue

8.1. How do plan on financing your solution?

8.2. Self

8.3. How much money do you predict your solution will generate?

8.4. PKR 5,000/month/student

8.5. Students: 20 = 100,000/-

8.6. In case of 5 courses:

8.7. 10 student per course

8.8. 50 x 5000 = 250,000/- per month