Ziuka Feature map

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Ziuka Feature map by Mind Map: Ziuka Feature map

1. Customer side

1.1. 1. View product

1.1.1. Home page

1.1.2. Account management Register By phone Verify phone number by SMS Log in By phone number & password Log out Forgot password Change password Address management Shipping address Billing address Voucher management Voucher list Voucher detail Information management View Update

1.1.3. Category detail page (CDP) Filter by category Sorting by price

1.1.4. Search product Search bar Search result page Filter Storing

1.1.5. Product detail page (PDP) Product types Simple product Configurable product Related product

1.1.6. Promotion Sales on cart by % by price by specific product get voucher Sales on product by % by price combo gift item Promotion Category Detail Page Promotion product list Promotion Landing Page (CMS pages) Banner section Countdown section Product list section

1.1.7. Wishlist Add/remove product to wishlist

1.1.8. Review & rating Review list Submit review

1.1.9. Recent view product

1.2. 2. Choose products to buy

1.2.1. Cart Mini cart Cart page Update cart Remove product Reset cart Update quantity

1.3. 3. Payment

1.3.1. Checkout Payment method Cash COD PayPal Momo Airpay ... Add voucher Reward point Earning point Spending point Shipping address Billing address

1.4. 4. Delivery

1.4.1. Shipping method 3rd parties Delivery time Store pick-up Choose store Choose time pick-up Shipping rate

1.4.2. Order management Order history Order history list Order history detail Cancel order Reorder by Order by Product

1.5. 5. Return & Exchange

1.5.1. Return & Exchange Return request Order return history

1.6. 6. Information

1.6.1. CMS pages About us FAQ Term and privacy Return & Exchange privacy

1.6.2. Contact page Contact form Contact information Store location list Store name Store address Store contact (phone)

1.6.3. Email Welcome email (new register) - optional Order confirmation email Order complete confirmation email Return request confirmation emai - optional

1.6.4. Notification In app Mini list List page Out app Notification types Order status transition Voucher notification

2. Admin side

2.1. Product management

2.2. Inventory management

2.3. Order management

2.3.1. In phiếu soạn hàng

2.3.2. Chuyển trạng thái đơn hàng

2.3.3. Edit order

2.4. Customer management

2.5. Reward point

2.6. Return & Exchange management

2.7. Marketing

2.7.1. Promotion

2.7.2. Voucher

2.8. Account management

2.8.1. Account list

2.8.2. Grant permission

2.9. CMS

2.10. Report

2.11. Intergation

2.11.1. Intergation - Shipping

2.11.2. Intergation - Loyalty system

2.11.3. Intergation - VAT E-invoice