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Probiotics by Mind Map: Probiotics

1. Define

1.1. Live microorganisms that, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host.

1.2. A live microbial food ingredient that, when consumed in adequate amounts, confers health benefits in the consumers.

1.3. Live microorganism that, when ingested or locally applied in sufficient numbers, provide the consumer with one or more proven health benefits

2. The FAO/WHO requires a strain to meet the following requirements:

2.1. assessment of strain identity

2.2. in vitro test to screen potential probiotics

2.3. safety assessment: requirements for proof that a probiotic strain is safe and without contamination in its delivery form

2.4. in vivo studies for substation of the health effects in the target host

3. Can be used in food, supplied as dietary supplement, or as active components of registered medication

4. On whichever form they are consumed, probiotics must have the capability to proliferate in the gut and to survive passage through the digestive tract by exhibiting acid and bile survival

5. Properties

5.1. The ultimate goals of microbioligal interventions through probiotics may be to stabilize or improve microbial homeostasis in a body-environment and to lower pathogen-invasion and colonization

5.2. Have immunological benefits due to:

5.2.1. The activation of local macrophages and modulation of local and systemically produced lg-A

5.2.2. Changes in pro/anti-inflammatory cytokine profiles

5.2.3. Or to the modulation of response towards food antigens

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