Materials, and resources for teaching English.

Methodology and Didactics

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Materials, and resources for teaching English. by Mind Map: Materials, and resources for teaching English.

1. The purpose of dialogues

2. Effective whiteboard technique

3. Mind mapping

4. Use a legible letter and make sure it is visible for everyone.

5. Withe board is an essential classroom resource that should be valued for all teachers.

6. Organization of the board is important.

7. Boards can be used for a variety of different purposes.

8. In order to use and you can take advatege of this tool.

9. For example: Note pad, explanation aid, picture frame, explain public woorkbook, game board, noticeboard.

10. Mind map is a visual thinking tool used to capture information and ideas.

11. Mind maps help teachers to make their lessons more interactive and engaging.

12. This can help learners to retain knowledge, since information is attractively shown

13. Use mind maps as a study allow grasping concepts and information more easily.

14. Teachers should do is to provide students with confidence.

15. Teachers should do avoiding criticism and welcome any idea, avoiding any unnecessary laugh and leaving correction for the end.

16. Speaking activities need to take some time for the students to think about.

17. Hanratty, L. (2017). Tefl 101: Principles, Approaches, Methods and Techniques. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform.

18. Bibliography

19. Teachers should provide students with opportunities to rehearse the foreign language.

20. Brainstorming ideas about a determined topic is a good strategy.

21. In this way, as a teacher, you ensure the learning student process.

22. For example: a column for the new vocabulary, another for grammar, so on.

23. By: Thalia Ocampo