Remove requirement item on tree

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Remove requirement item on tree by Mind Map: Remove requirement item on tree

1. MR-13142 Delete requirement on grid

1.1. Data

1.1.1. user permission with delete requirement permission without delete requirement permission Delete option is disabled

1.1.2. Requirement Input Requirement type Number of selected requirements paging on grid Output Delete selected requirement

1.2. Interfaces

1.2.1. UI requirement grid of a module Add Delete item into context menu of grid, below item cut Message delete successful: "Requirement(s) have been deleted." Message delete fail Warning popup for concurrent user about change on grid : "Requirement in this module have been modified. To see the latest data, click refresh." Confirmation dialog "<number> Requirement(s) are selected in the grid. Are you sure you want to delete the Requiremen(s)?" Yes button Cancel button x button API Not change, no need to be test

1.3. Operation

1.3.1. select then delete

1.3.2. delete then restore

1.4. Function

1.4.1. Delete test case in grid by context menu

1.5. Platform

1.5.1. Cross browser: IE11. Chrome, FF, Safari

1.6. Time

1.6.1. Delete multiple requirements

1.7. Structure