How I Record My Son’s Little Victories

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How I Record My Son’s Little Victories by Mind Map: How I Record My Son’s Little Victories

1. How I record my son’s little victories

1.1. Duplicate and use this Win Journal template in Notion

1.2. Step 1. Recognize a win

1.2.1. Ask yourself: “Did he/she do something good or improved on something?” If the answer is yes, record it.

1.2.2. The template has wins categorized based on a few tags like: Sleep Walks Feeding Diaper Strength/training Skills Calm Eating

1.2.3. There are more in the template. You can also add your own.

1.3. Step 2. Record the win

1.3.1. Press the New button in the top-right corner of the list:

1.3.2. It will open a panel like this:

1.3.3. Fill it out with your own information, but here’s an example: It automatically records the win. You can close the popup when done.

1.3.4. The win rating is based on a 5-point system. 1 = Very small win and 5 = Epic win.

1.3.5. Record both small and big wins.

1.4. Step 3. Review their Win Journal as needed

1.4.1. Look at your baby’s achievements at the end of the day.

1.4.2. This gives you an idea of how he/she is progressing and what you can do the next day to help him/her get to the next level

1.4.3. Look at their Win Journal when the goings get tough. It’s a good reminder that not everything is hopeless.