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Ahmed Hijama is the leading Hijama therapy in Lahore. Ahmed Hijama Clinic is here to provide you one of the best and hygienic Hijama cupping therapy. Hijama or cupping may be a safe, non-intrusive and conservative method of restoring and forestalling numerous infections.

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Hijama therapy in Lahore |Hygienic cupping therapy| Ahmed Hijama Clinic by Mind Map: Hijama therapy in Lahore |Hygienic cupping therapy| Ahmed Hijama Clinic

1. What is Hijama In the Light Of Islam Ahmed Hijama is that the leading Hijama therapy in Lahore. Ahmed Hijama Clinic is here to produce you one amongst the most effective and hygienic Hijama cupping therapy. Hijama or cupping may be a safe, non-intrusive and conservative method of restoring and forestalling numerous infections. Despite the actual fact that Chinese utilization of this method was constrained to certain clinical complexities like lungs contamination, colds, to treat inside organs’ issue, joint torment, so forth, the extent of hijama benefits may be a lot beyond this snapping point. The word ‘hijama’ means ‘drawing out’ in Arabic. It’s presently being perceived as an elective medication or elective method of rewarding various infections and substantial issue. Present day clinical science likewise underwrites the various advantages of hijama and even energizes its training in specific infections. Importance of Hijama within the HADEETH “Indeed in hijama (cupping) there’s is a cure”. – Saheeh Muslim “Indeed, the most effective remedies you’ve got is hijama (cupping)”. – Saheeh Al Bukhari “Hijama is that the most helpful procedure for kith and kin to cure themselves”.– Saheeh Al Bukhari and Saheel Muslim The importance of hijama within the inspiration can further be stressed by the subsequent words which were associated with the Prophet SAW on the night of Israa (ascension to the heaven) by angles: “O Mohammed, order your ummah (people) with hijama (cupping)”.– Saheeh, Sunan Tirmidhi.

2. Fear Of Anything Causes The Same Physical Stress Response. Asslamoalaykum, Today I would like to talk to you about how to get rid of fear and stress caused by any health issue, including monsters like Cancer and Coronavirus through hijama cupping therapy inshaAllah. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever follows a path in the pursuit of knowledge, Allaah will make a path to Paradise easy for him.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, Kitaab al-‘Ilm, 10) As a Muslim, it is very important for us to seek knowledge and truth, especially that which protects us in this dunya and leads us to Jannah. Since there are a lot of great Scholars who talk about spirituality, I am not going to cover that kind of knowledge but will talk about health. Sadly, even our Scholars fail to emphasise the importance of health. According to Ibn Qiyyum, the biggest blessing after Iman, is health! There are many ahadith about health as well, but how many Scholars are talking about it? They leave the topic of health to Medical Doctors and they are usually the ones that cause fear about our health. Whenever there is a severe health problem, the first thing we are commonly told is that this sickness is not reversible and there is no cure or vaccine for it. Or if there is a cure or vaccine, and you do not take it, you could be terminally ill. With a little bit of knowledge, because knowledge is power. My goal today will be to help you understand the power of positive thinking and how to get rid of fear and stress and reducing stress about any of the health issues you are facing, inshaAllah. So what is the harm in being fearful about something? First of all, emotions have a great impact on our health. How? Negative emotions such as fear, stress, anger, jealousy and hopelessness cause our nervous system to switch from our normal, balanced, healthy nervous system from “Rest and Digest” (Parasympathetic Nervous System) to “Fight or Flight” mode (Sympathetic Nervous System). When you are in fear, stress or in “Fight or Flight mode” (Sympathetic Nervous system), your body releases certain hormones and chemicals such as dopamine, epinephrine (also known as adrenaline), norepinephrine (noradrenaline), and especially cortisol. Your cells close down, the blood goes to the muscles, brain and other parts of the body instead of our other body systems which help us get oxygen, hydration and nutrition such as the digestive system. If you stay in fear or stress for a long time, then through these hormones or the body’s response to fear, your body goes into an acidic state. If your internal body stays in a state of high acidity for a long time, it weakens your immune system and causes a whole bunch of health conditions, including Cancer, Diabetes and many other serious health conditions. According to many studies, the main cause of disease and illness is stress. Fear is one of the stronger emotions that causes stress. So what should we do to get rid of stress that is caused by fear? First of all, we are fearful about something, because we don’t know much about it. So the easiest solution to getting rid of fear is for you to learn more about that subject. In today’s context, I am talking about the fear of Coronavirus specifically and the other major diseases like Cancer and Diabetes generally. So to begin with, we don’t know if the things being said in the media are true or not. We don’t know what their agenda is and we don’t know how or when we are going to come out of this. We are facing an economic crisis and global meltdown. This is creating so much uncertainty and anxiety on many levels for individuals, families, communities and countries. So just by being fearful about the unknown and the things that we cannot control, we are already compromising our immune system. Once our immune system is weakened and we go into a state of panic and switch to survival mode. We are then automatically inviting health problems to ourselves. So the best thing for you to do is not to fear the unknown and uncontrollable. If you can control it then do something proactive about it, instead of being fearful. One powerful action you can take is to learn more about holistic health, foods, herbs and natural medicines as is found in Prophetic medicine and Sunnah Health practices. So the main point is; As Muslims, we are not supposed to lose hope and always have faith in Allah (swt). In the Holy Quran, we are told; “Do not lose hope, nor be sad”. [3:139]. In another ayah, Allah(swt) tells us, “Verily, after every difficulty, there is relief.” [Quran 94:5] Allah tells us there is a cure for every disease, so then we should feel safe and confident in the knowledge that Allah knows best: ‘Allah has sent down both the disease and the cure, and He has appointed a cure for every disease, so treat yourselves medically, but use nothing unlawful.” [Abu Dawud, Tibb 11, (3874)] There is also another Islamic concept known as “Husne Zan” or positive thinking and having high expectations of Allah. According to this concept, Allah gives us what we expect of Him. If we are positive, hopeful and expect good of Allah, then that is what Allah will give us. However, if we are fearful and expect bad things to happen to us, then that is what we will get from Allah. The power of a positive mind, happy thoughts and productive thinking is great. In conclusion, if you think bad things or have negative thoughts, you will be able to get rid of fear and stress. As a result, your health will decline and you are more likely to become afflicted with what you actually want to avoid. On the other hand, if you think positively, have gratitude and faith and expect great things from Allah, He will meet your expectations of Him and will bless you with even more, inshaAllah. Furthermore, in the context of what is going on today in the shape of Coronavirus, the Government and media may just be spreading fear to change the way the World works today on a political and economic level. Whether it is the result of the new 5G rollout in many countries, or whether they want everyone to take vaccines and be chipped so they can monitor movements, it does not matter. The knowledge about natural health, Sunnah Health and Traditional Islamic Medicine and other alternative remedies will empower you and give you control over your own body. It will get rid of your fears, thus making you more healthy and strong, inshaAllah. So make a decision to take care of your own health by learning and applying natural treatments, therapies, remedies, Hijama Cupping Therapy, fasting, exercise and spirituality. If you want to learn more about how we can get rid of disease in general and Coronavirus specifically, please Click Here to read our article, CoronaVirus: Fours Things That Can Help Beat It Please give us feedback about content and what you would like to learn about, so we can provide you with that information, insha’Allah. Don’t forget to share this information with your friends and family. May Allah protect us all and give us the ability to do what is best for us. Ameen.