Medical History

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Medical History by Mind Map: Medical History

1. 2002-2006

1.1. Migraines since 1997 2002 - Dr. Frankel: Allergy Testing and Tonsillectomy Wisdom teeth removed Dr. Kantamnini - upper/lower GI, found 13 bleeding ulcers and pre-cancerous polyps

1.2. 2006 - Dr. Lavin: Diagnosed with pseudo tumor cerebri

2. 2011-2015

2.1. 2011 - Dr. Lavin: Pseudotumor cerebri flared up again

2.2. 2013 - Dr. Harper: fertility treatments and 100 pound weight gain during that year of treatments - couldn't find medical reason but was told not able to conceive

2.3. 2015 - moved to Los Angeles

3. 2016-2018

3.1. 2016 - Dr. Artenos: C-section. allergic reaction, systemic yeast, rosacea and skin issues

4. 2018-2020

4.1. 2018 - Moved back to Alabama

4.2. Primary for allergy issues and pain

4.2.1. Orthopedic Dr: slight bunion and arthritis in feet via X-ray

4.2.2. Dr. Amin - upper/lower GI" hiatal hernia and reflux

4.2.3. Dr. Macedonia - visual field monitoring

4.3. 2019 - Dr. Moore: new primary in Florence

4.3.1. Dr. Quinn - Neurologist: cervical and lumbar MRI, showed bulging discs with spasms and arthritis in both. TN Valley Pain Clinic for epidural steroids and facet joint injections Cullman Regional Hospital - Lumbar puncture - opening pressure in 40s Dr. Creech- Endocrinologist, normal thyroid via ultrasound and lab work, low Vitamin D and testosterone Dr. Kachelman.- Optometrist: found mirror image loss of peripheral vision in both eyes

4.3.2. Dr. Jenkie - New neurologist: prescribed Diamox for maintaining increased pressure Dr. Thompson - Ophthalmologist: second opinion on eyes. Showed no loss of vision EMG on legs - show pure sensory neuropathy

4.3.3. Dr. Mallette - immunologist: allergy testing both skin prick and patch test. Allergic rhinitis with No food allergies, only skin and environmental. 3 allergy shots, and avoid triggers

4.3.4. Dr. Mann - Orthopedic: knee pain. Normal xray, normal MRI, sent for physical therapy with no improvement.

4.3.5. Ultrasound on thyroid showed development of 3 nodules and swollen left supraclavicular Dr. Masterson for second opinion and CT scan showed nodules and swollen lymph glands but no pathology

4.3.6. Ultrasound on legs showing no DVT Dr. Fletcher - Vascular Surgeon: Diagnosed Lipedema. Doppler reflux showing slight reflux below knee in right leg. Ordered compression stockings Athens Pharmacy ordering compression and working with insurances. Noted that right leg is consistently larger than left.

4.3.7. Dr. Wilkes - GI: Upper/lower GI, positive for Eosinophils Esophagitis. Suggest food allergy. Dr. Masterson to follow up and suggests autoimmune or environmental exposure