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Occupations by Mind Map: Occupations

1. Astronaut

1.1. walk in space

1.2. visit different planets

2. Fireman

2.1. put out fires

2.2. rescue people from danger

2.3. carry people down to safety from their flats

2.4. help out at traffic (car) accidents

2.5. rescue people trapped by floods

3. Computer Programmer

3.1. design computer games

3.2. design mobile applications (APPS)

4. Pianist

4.1. play piano (concerts)

4.1.1. at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre

5. Vet

5.1. cure sick animals

5.2. give shots (vaccination) that stop nasty germs

5.3. study how to take care of animals

5.4. check the animals' health conditions

6. Animal trainer

6.1. perform blood test and dental check

6.1.1. to keep the animals healthy

6.2. weight and measure the animals

6.3. train the animals