Week 1: Developing Compassion for Exceptional students and families

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Week 1: Developing Compassion for Exceptional students and families by Mind Map: Week 1: Developing Compassion for Exceptional students and families

1. How to Support Families Video

1.1. show love and compassion for all people; get to know them

1.2. it is far more effective to develop a relationship with exceptional children than it is just to research about their syndrome- It takes effort and love

1.3. listen to the spirit; let it guide you to those that need your assistance

1.4. There will always be someone in need of your assistance

1.5. Not all trials are visible to the eye

1.6. give exceptional students responsibilities; make them feel included like everyone else

2. Doctrine of Inclusion

2.1. Parable of the Good Samaritan

2.1.1. We are commanded to love all of God's children; even those that are different from us or are considered our enemy

2.2. Disciples of Christ show love to all his children and serve them

2.3. Don't make assumptions of others

2.4. Teach your children to include others

2.5. Get to know your neighbors

3. The Moving of Water

3.1. Afflictions come to the innocent

3.2. Remember families with exceptional children might feel guilt where not needed

3.3. Never tease or make fun of the unfortunate

3.4. Restored to a perfect frame

3.4.1. physical means temporal- our physical afflictions won't last

3.4.2. Spirit will reunite with our perfect bodies

3.4.3. Healing might not happen in mortality but it will happen

3.5. You perfect yourself as you progress: Effort is required for improvement

3.6. Sympathy- Low nourishment

4. Concern for the One

4.1. True disciples of Jesus Christ

4.1.1. Have compassion for others

4.1.2. Allows God to give them the strength to fulfill the things that the Lord needs them to do

4.1.3. "Shall we not go in on so great a cause? Go forward and no backward."

4.1.4. Cannot deny the truth

4.1.5. Give service

4.2. Those that are lost because they are different

4.2.1. They don't feel needed or wanted

4.2.2. They act, talk, think differently

4.3. Those that are lost because they are weary

4.3.1. Come unto the lord and let they burdens be lifted

4.3.2. fear for their future

4.4. Those that are lost because they have strayed

4.4.1. The church is a place for imperfect people- no one is perfect; everyone is welcome

5. Drenched in gratitude: Protection against the spirit of entitlement

5.1. Seek to have integrity in your actions everyday

5.2. Spiritual Poisons

5.2.1. Hardens the heart

5.2.2. Destroys righteous efforts and asks

5.2.3. Limits spiritual capacity

5.2.4. Rationalizes sin

5.2.5. Spirits of Entitlement Lack of appreciation Believe certain rules don't apply to them Entitlement is selfish and leads to anger Entitlement demands much but gives little Blinds minds

5.2.6. Is destroyed by humility and faith in the Savior Jesus Christ

5.3. Be aware of the deadly potions of spiritual poisons

5.4. Stop the effects of spiritual potions before they grow!

5.5. Be humble and turn to God and ask him to take away the poison