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School by Mind Map: School

1. Teacher

1.1. Register

1.1.1. Select District (school)

1.1.2. Generate code for students

1.2. Create First Class (subject)

1.2.1. Add Sections

1.2.2. Add students (import?)

1.2.3. set grading and tracking The weight for grades

1.2.4. Create Assignments Assignments are assigned to students in the group Create types of assignments (test, classwork, hw, quizes, group work)

1.2.5. Create Attendance Administrators should be able to see this New node separate from the assignment role because of it's difference in importance administrators can set this as required daily/weekly so that teachers update their attendance in accordance with school policy easily access reports of students not attending classes, have fields for unexcused and excused absences

2. Student

2.1. Access classes

2.1.1. View assignments for each class enrolled in view grades in categorical fashion view grades per assignment show completed tasks show amount of work left and the average grades

2.2. view statistical information

2.2.1. View GPA currently compare it to National and local data for GPA if available compare gender? (maybe not compare race for ethical reasons) compare location/state/district

2.3. Alerts

2.3.1. Too many absences

2.3.2. low scoring grades on high weighted assignemnts

2.3.3. turn on alerts for scheduled assignments (future)

2.3.4. notify parents of below average performance

2.4. New node

3. Parents

3.1. Can view all access as students can

4. Administrators

4.1. Create Teachers

4.1.1. import the teacher data, using email address and information that the school determines teachers can modify information that they want/password and email address

4.2. Create Students

4.2.1. Should import the student body, the initial imports will be rough but we can look toward developing an import from CVS/XLS Teachers will be able to easily add students to their groups based on this data OR administrators will add the students into the classes much like is done at college/university levels

4.3. Create Classes

4.3.1. Administrators should be able to create classes in advance so that teachers are only responsible for their assignments and grading