Computer systems and Mobile technologies

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Computer systems and Mobile technologies by Mind Map: Computer systems and Mobile technologies

1. Netbooks - smaller, lighter, cheaper than laptops, small hard drive, no cd/dvd drive, longer life.

2. Microprocessor - PC on a single chip. performs all processing needed. in washing machines, toys, heating, alarm, traffic lights, phones, cars, PC, robots, process control.

3. Smartphones - call, text, take photos, videos, surf web, watch tv, emails, download music + games, GPS.

4. PDAs - Personal Digital Assistant. like a palmtop

5. PC is used on desk, one place. full size screen and keyboard.

6. WAP - wireless application protocol. mobile users access web

7. Software - programs run on hardware. operating systems and applications software. Windows, Mac OS, word, database, spreadsheet, presentation etc.

8. Palmtops - small hand held PC. check emails, surf web, record things.

9. Laptops - portable. smaller than PC. lighter, built in screen.

10. Hardware - physical parts of a PC. input, output, storage devices - mouse, printer, USB. communication devices needed to send data across networks