benefits of travelling to a new place

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benefits of travelling to a new place by Mind Map: benefits of travelling to a new place

1. it gives positive emotions

1.1. if you travel with your family you can have fun and relax.

2. builds good relationship with children and husband

2.1. you have more time to spend with your family

3. you can visit historical places

3.1. It's always interesting/ exciting to visit places you read about.

4. you can see amazing architecture

4.1. It's amazing/ exciting to see beautiful building.

5. you can meet different interesting people

5.1. It's really important to learn from interesting people and have new information.

6. you can meet your love/ future partner

6.1. many people make/ find friends when they travel

7. you can enjoy doing your hobbies (swimming, fishing)

7.1. People have more chance and time to do hobbies and interests.

8. you can try interesting and tasty meals

8.1. people are tired of everyday typical meals. So, they want to eat a new dish.

9. you can do your hobby

9.1. You can go to museums, libraries and exhibitions and learn more.

10. you don't have to clean or cook during your holiday

10.1. many people are tired of everyday housework. They need to relax and have a break.

11. you can relax on the beach or in the hotel

11.1. People should relax to have energy, plan and have new ideas and inspiration.

12. you can have fun, dance, draw, and sing

12.1. People don't have much time to do creative work and have fun.