Literacy - the Science and Art of Information

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Literacy - the Science and Art of Information by Mind Map: Literacy - the Science and Art of Information

1. Science of Information

1.1. Finding

1.1.1. Tasks Pre-Search Re-Search

1.1.2. Resources Search Engines Social Media Referral Linking Trail

1.2. Evaluating

1.2.1. Recommendations Friends Social Media Teachers Parents

1.2.2. Self-Evaluated Instinct Verification

1.2.3. Experience Teacher Student

1.3. Creating

1.3.1. Products Blogs Presentations Wikis Podcasts Videos Comments New Information

1.3.2. Collaboration virtual IRL

1.3.3. Author(s) Individual Partners Groups Whole Class

1.4. Sharing

1.4.1. Social Media Facebook Twitter MySpace

1.4.2. YouTube Videos Channels

1.4.3. Glogster Multimedia Poster Informational Bookmark

1.4.4. Prezi Connecting Ideas Collaboration

1.4.5. Web Pages

2. The Art Form - Teaching

2.1. Integration

2.1.1. Options Ability Levels Length of Study Depth of Study Connections Other School Subjects Student Interests Career Choices Technology

2.1.2. Collaboration virtual Skype Discussion Board Cloud Options Blogs IRL Guests Virtual Field Trips New node

2.1.3. Projects Real Problems Real Experiences Real Solutions Student Input

2.1.4. Products Choices Student Input Showcase Variety

2.1.5. Presentations Business Skills Self-Image Practice Technology