Formative Assessment (How does it work?)

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Formative Assessment (How does it work?) by Mind Map: Formative Assessment (How does it work?)

1. Analyze Evidence and Provide Descriptive Feedback.

1.1. Analyze evidence that was collected and documented. Analyzing evidence reveals learning gaps that will need to be addressed by adjusting instruction.

1.2. Descriptive feedback should be provided to students while they are learning. Descriptive feedback provides specific information on what students need to do to improve learning with respect to learning targets and the criteria for success.

2. Collect and Document Evidence.

2.1. Use Formative Assessment to collect evidence during instruction to help students reach learning targets.

2.2. Documenting Evidence should be used in driving decisions related to classroom instruction and helping advance learning. Documenting Evidence answers the question: Where am I now?

3. Identify Learning Targets and Criteria for Success.

3.1. Learning Targets are measurable achievement expectations of what students should know and be able to do in 1-2 lessons. Learning Targets answer the question: Where am I going?

3.2. The Criteria for Success identify what students needs to do during the learning process to meet the learning target.