Academic Discourse - Mind Map

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Paraphrase by Mind Map: Paraphrase

1. Fuction

1.1. Minimize the percentage of citing in the text

1.2. Support arguments and ideas

1.3. Avoids plagiarism

2. Allows

2.1. Use your own words without quotation

2.2. Give credit to the original author

2.3. Understanding of the topic and author ideas

3. Steps to be effective

3.1. Reread and understand the passage

3.2. Write your own version of the passage on a note card

3.3. Write key words to indicate the ideas to paraphrase

3.4. Compare both passages to make sure is correct

3.5. Use quotation marks when using terms for the original text

3.6. Insert the source in your note card in order to include it in your text

4. Is used to restate in your own words a quote from a different author.

5. Keep in mind

5.1. Avoid changing the meaning and structure of the original idea

5.2. Use synonyms and avoid copying the idea

5.3. Properly cite the source

6. Sources used: Mesa, L. (2019). UPB Virtual. Purdue University. (n.d.). Purdue Online Writing Lab.