Self Awareness using Mind Mapping

Summary of the book "Power of Self Awareness" by Dr. Subra Mukherjee. This book talks about how to make your life better and balanced using Mind Mapping.

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Self Awareness using Mind Mapping by Mind Map: Self Awareness using Mind Mapping


1.1. Self-Understanding

1.2. How to

1.2.1. Optimize Productivity

1.2.2. Make better decisions

1.2.3. Gain Clarity thoughts behaviours Emotions Actions

1.2.4. Identify the pain points

1.3. Balance personal and professional life

2. Part1-Introduction

2.1. My Journey

2.2. Transformation

2.3. The Purpose

3. Part 2-Power of Choices

3.1. Response Vs Reactions

3.2. Fear Vs Anger

3.3. Myopic Personality Syndrome

4. Part 3- Power of Habits

4.1. Productivity

4.2. Less is the New More

4.3. Daily Self Care Rituals

5. Part 4- Power of Mind

5.1. Gratitude and Acceptance

5.2. Mindfulness

5.3. Self-Inventory

5.4. The Real Culprit

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7. Author

7.1. Dr.Subra Mukherjee

7.2. Author of two books

7.3. Connect

7.4. Certified Mind Mapper

7.5. Mind Mapping Trainer/coach