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LAW by Mind Map: LAW

1. The Code of Hammurabi

1.1. Were carved into the stone pillar

1.2. Were subsequently lost, but was rediscovered by French archaeologist

1.3. Included crime, inheritance and property contracts, the settlement of debts

1.4. The principle of revenge was also present

1.5. The punishment were very severe

2. The Mosaic Code

2.1. Set out in the first five books of the Old Testament

2.2. Moses - chief lawgiver and magistrate

2.3. Regulate agrarian community

2.4. Occupies an important place in some countries today

3. The Draco's Law

3.1. Were very harsh and severe

3.2. The penalty for crime is death

3.3. Separated basic laws and religious beliefs

4. The Solon's Law

4.1. Solon devised a new set of Laws and decide a lot of problems of Athens

4.2. Was implementation not by revolution, but by reforms, which is a great merit

4.3. Resolved the crisis with aristocracy

4.4. Prohibited enslavement of debtors

4.5. allowed the appeal

5. The Law of the Twelve Tablets

5.1. Everyone saw them in Forum

5.2. Foundation of Roman Law

6. The Magna Carta

6.1. Established the principle of limited government for monarchy

6.2. Protection against unfair punishment

6.3. Required a fair trial

7. The Habeas Corpus

7.1. Reason to pass this law was notoriously rowdy woman

7.2. There must be a warrant to arrest

7.3. There myst be a trial to imprison

8. The Bill of rights

8.1. The result of struggle between Monarchy and Parliament

8.2. Absence of army in peace time

8.3. Provided freedom of speech

9. Napoleonic Code

9.1. Created by man who never studied law

9.2. Clarify and organize legal system of French

9.3. All people are equal regardless of rank

10. Justinian Code

10.1. Prohibition of corruption

10.2. Justice available for everyone