Business/ Entrepreneurship (Commercial Activities)

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Business/ Entrepreneurship (Commercial Activities) by Mind Map: Business/ Entrepreneurship (Commercial Activities)

1. economic activities with following characteristics

1.1. systematic

1.2. independent (business autonomy)

1.3. initiative

1.4. on one's own risk

2. goal

2.1. reaching social and/or economic effect (impact)

2.2. + profits generating

3. principles

3.1. independent planning, free choice of counterparts (contractors, buyers, consumers)

3.2. autonomy as to external relations

3.3. free use of profits (earnings after tax)

3.4. own commercial risk

3.5. free choice of activity/business area

3.6. free employing

4. freedoms

4.1. acting within the limits of law

4.2. free movement of goods/services + capitals within the countries

4.3. economic diversity

4.4. equal protection by the government

5. constrains

5.1. social economy type of reasoning

5.2. environmental type of reasoning

5.3. consumers protection type of reasoning

5.4. national/social security type of reasoning

5.5. fair competition type of reasoning