Different Types of Computer

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Different Types of Computer by Mind Map: Different Types of Computer

1. Supercomputer

1.1. A supercomputer is a computer at the frontline of current processing capacity, particularly speed of calculation.

1.1.1. Why: Fast calculation

1.1.2. Where:Processing room

1.1.3. PARAM

2. Desktop

2.1. Usually have a monitor, keyboard, mouse and a system unit

2.1.1. Where: At home and offices, usually unportable.

2.1.2. Why: It's cheaper than the other computer, and has larger memory space

2.1.3. Apple iMac MC309LL/A 21.5-Inch Desktop

3. Laptop

3.1. Compact type of computer, usually the monitor, keyboard and system unit is together. Usually includes a track pad.

3.1.1. Where: Anywhere

3.1.2. Why: Light and Portable

3.1.3. COMPAQ Presario CQ58-125SA 15.6" Laptop

4. Tablet

4.1. A tablet computer is a laptop computer with a sensitive touch screen that can be used instead of the keyboard.

4.1.1. Where: Anywhere

4.1.2. Why: very light, small and portable

4.1.3. nabi - nabi 2 Tablet - 8GB Memory

5. Notebook

5.1. A small laptop computer that's lighter and easier to carry (as big as an over sized book)

5.1.1. Asus Notebook

5.1.2. Where: During traveling, and pretty much anywhere.

5.1.3. Why: It is small and simple to carry.

6. Netbook

6.1. A very small laptop that is optimized for Internet and email access. It is lighter, easier to carry and has a longer battery life.

6.1.1. Psion Netbook

6.1.2. During traveling where you need to go online

6.1.3. It has long battery so you can take it on long travels, it is small and very portable

7. Handheld (Personal Digital Assistant or Palmtop)

7.1. It is really small and can fit on hand or your pocket, but it is too small for general work, they usually have touch sensitive screen, and it can be connect to large keyboards. A smartphone is a mobile phone with the functions of a PDA. (can perform a range of activities such as personal record keeping and satellite navigation.

7.1.1. HP200LX

7.1.2. Where: Anywhere, usually in places where something big is inconvenient.

7.1.3. It is tiny, even smaller than the notebook, and extremely portable, could even carry in pockets.

8. Games console

8.1. A PC used specifically for games. The screen displays clear and fast graphics, It has a large hard disk, a game pad used to control the games, and possibly an internet connection for online games.

8.1.1. Wii

8.1.2. Where: Usually at homes or game areas

8.1.3. Why: Because people like to enjoy themselves in a comfortable area and play games.

9. Embedded computer

9.1. It is designed for and built into a specific application, where it would perform a limited range of dedicated functions, the size and funtionality depends on the appliction.

9.1.1. Where: In applications

9.1.2. Why: Perform specific functions

9.1.3. IA261-I

10. Server

10.1. A server is a physical computer (a computer hardware system) dedicated to running one or more services (as a host),] to serve the needs of the users of other computers on the network.

10.1.1. Why: Stores data

10.1.2. Where: Immobile in a room

10.1.3. Client Server