Types of Computer

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Types of Computer by Mind Map: Types of Computer

1. desktop

1.1. a computer fixed in one position

1.2. contains basic components

1.3. EX. imac

1.4. suitable place to use: house reason: desktop is big and heavy to carry around

2. laptop

2.1. computer that is portable

2.2. it's component is mostly similar to desktop, but contains less peripheral devices

2.3. EX. Asus 15.6" Intel Pentium B970 Laptop (X54C-RB91-CB) - Black

2.4. suitable place to use: workplace school reason: people can do their work in their school, workplace, and home

3. tablet

3.1. computer with a sensitive touch screen that can be used instead of the key board and mouse

3.2. EX. ipad

3.3. suitable place to use: transportation reason: people can enjoy games and do their work in moving transportation

4. hand-held/Personal Digital Assistant/palmtop

4.1. computer that can fit into our pocket

4.2. usually it touch-sensitive screen

4.3. Ex. Sony Clie

4.4. suitable place to use: everywhere reason: people can enjoy games, work, and access internet everywhere

5. netbook

5.1. small laptop that is smaller than notebook

5.2. it is mainly used to have access to internent and sending email

5.3. EX. PDA‑telekogaua2008‑dot‑net1

5.4. suitable place to use: cafe reason: people can enjoy internet and contact their friends or family by online chat

6. game console

6.1. designed to play game only

6.2. display graphics very quickly

6.3. large hard disk to save big number of games being saved

6.4. game pad used to control the games

6.5. might have internet connection for online games

6.6. EX. XBOX

6.7. suitable place to use: home, transportation reason: people enjoy games that displays on their tv or enjoy games in transportation by playing portable game console, such as DS.

7. embedded computer

7.1. designed and built for specific application

7.2. perform limited range of function

7.3. size and functionality depends on application

7.4. EX. DVD player

7.5. suitable place to use: home reason: people can enjoy things inside their homes that are paid to do outside their home.

8. notebook

8.1. small laptop than is about half the size of a laptop and is lighter and easier to carry

8.2. EX. ASPIRE S5

8.3. suitable place to use: workplace , school reason: people can do their work in their school, workplace, and home

9. supercomputer

9.1. it has massive number of processors running

9.2. used for highly calculation-intensive tasks such as problems including quantum physics, weather forecasting, climate research, oil and gas exploration, molecular modeling, and physical simulations

9.3. suitable place to use: nuclear research lab reason: some complex calculation cannot be performed by normal computer, but supercomputer is designed to calculate complex calcultion

9.4. EX. Oak Ridge National Laboratory's Cray XT5-HE

10. mainframe

10.1. computers used primarily by corporate and governmental organizations for critical applications

10.1.1. New node

10.2. Redundant internal engineering and resulting high reliability and security

10.3. Extensive input-output facilities

10.4. Strict backward compatibility with older software

10.5. High hardware and computational utilization rates to support massive throughput

10.6. EX. IBM system 3

10.7. suitable place to use: NASDAQ reason: NASDAQ needs mainframe to keep update the information of stock and draw graph about it

11. server

11.1. computer hardware system functioning to run one or more services to serve needs of computer on network

11.2. operate as socket listener in IP network

11.3. many kinds of server exists:gae server, file server, database server, web server, and other more

11.4. EX. file server

11.5. suitable place to use: telecommunication system reason: telecommunication needs high performance of data process