Types of computer:

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Types of computer: by Mind Map: Types of computer:

1. Tablet

1.1. iPad

1.2. Galaxy note

1.3. Tablets are light-weight PC's that have no hardware keyboard or mouse. They use touch screen. They usually have the same basic functions as a computer but have no actual Ports.

2. Hand-held

2.1. Smartphone

2.1.1. SIII

2.1.2. Lumia 920

2.1.3. iPhone

2.1.4. Smartphones are mini computers that use touch screen and usually have worse processors. They have the same functions as PDA's. They are often used for satellite navigation and for task-tracking.

2.2. Hand-held game consoles

2.2.1. Wii U

2.2.2. PS Vita

2.2.3. New node

2.2.4. These gaming consoles usually have input slots for disks that can be used to play a game. These usually only havethe function to play games. They are also small and easy to take around.

3. Laptop

3.1. Macbook pro

3.2. Netbook

3.2.1. These are small and portable laptops that usually have a long battery life. These have been outdated by most standard laptops.

3.3. Notebook

3.3.1. These are bigger laptops that are a bit heavier but they also have a much higher processing power. These also have been outdated by standard laptops.

4. Main frame

4.1. sds

5. Super computer

5.1. Super computers are computers that have a very high processing power. They can process tonnes of variables at some point

6. Servers

7. Desktops

7.1. These are heavy-duty computers that are very immobile. They also need a extra screen and a mouse.