7th Grade Genetics

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7th Grade Genetics by Mind Map: 7th Grade Genetics

1. What is genetics?

2. Where is genetic information stored?

2.1. DNA

2.2. On Chromosomes made from DNA

2.3. Each three letter code ACG codes for an amino acid

2.4. amino acids

3. What does DNA do?

3.1. Codes for amino acids

3.2. Amino acids create proteins

4. How do genes determine how things look?

4.1. Trait

4.2. Gene

4.2.1. Allele Dominant B Recessive b B or b

4.3. Genotype

4.3.1. Heterozygous Hybrid

4.3.2. Homozygous Purebred

4.4. Phenotype

5. Genetic Crosses

5.1. P - Parental Generation

5.2. F1 - first offspring

5.3. F2 - offspring of the first offspring