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Rainbow by Mind Map: Rainbow

1. stretch your imagination

1.1. What would you do if you were sitting on a rainbow

1.2. If you had superhero powers what would these be and what would you do

2. Challenge reality

2.1. There is probably more than one reality

2.2. Personal realities

2.2.1. Remove all elements of fear

2.2.2. Storm right in - do it anyway

2.2.3. New technology people don't understand Other's think you're crazy...

2.2.4. Kane's example of recreating the music industry

2.2.5. The rules are the ones you make as you go along

2.2.6. "I didn't know I couldn't do it"

2.2.7. Its ok to be frightened Do your research Dobule check your idea is of worth Strap up and take serious action "kick ass" Roll sleeves up and push like hell You can achieve what you aim for if you beleive it.

3. Crazy ideas

3.1. Are we being a little mad in our thinking?

3.2. Give yourself permission to have such outrageous ideas

3.3. Allow these to add value in the real world

4. Superhero powers

4.1. "Find my own voice"

4.2. Project into the future and idealize

4.2.1. self-actualize

4.2.2. Fulfilling Dreams and wishes

4.3. "Be in two places at one time"

4.3.1. Appriciate the interesting things in the here and now

4.3.2. 2nd me could go to the other place on my behalf

4.4. Read people's minds

4.4.1. If I knew exactly what they didn't know...

4.4.2. See confusions and roadblocks before these materilaize

4.4.3. As long as they're not thinking bad things about me!

4.5. Step outside my body see myself from other peoples eyes

4.5.1. egotitical

4.5.2. vain

4.5.3. harsh in my approach to people

4.5.4. take on board observations

4.5.5. Improve and grow

4.6. Implant "chips" in people

4.6.1. automatically give them what they need

4.6.2. restore childhood imagination before pre-conditioning

5. Let go of inherent fears and beliefs

5.1. Rainbow mindset gives us permission to do so

5.2. Connect with people

5.3. Raise Capital

5.4. Unafraid of rejection

5.5. Extra confidence and clarity

5.6. Actions beyond your comfort zone