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Snow by Mind Map: Snow

1. Challenges our basic survival

1.1. What's essential to your basic survival

1.2. Prioritize your actions clearly

1.3. Get rid of the dead wood

1.3.1. A tree sheds its leaves in the snow

2. Critical to business survival

2.1. Cash

2.2. Sales and Marketing

2.3. Keeping expenses low

2.3.1. snow can come hibernate and stay alive

2.4. Good margin of profitablity

2.5. Work hard

2.5.1. Keep energy up so as not to freeze

3. A recession is a time of snow

3.1. Some people sit indoord doing nothing

3.2. Other people go an play in the snow

3.3. Important to keep that sense of fun

3.4. Become a lateral thinker

3.5. Its your mindset and creativity that can carry you through.

4. Pre-plan for snow

4.1. Knowing what you're going to do when it does...

4.1.1. Have fun!

4.2. Post euphoric sludge...

4.2.1. that's the hardwork bit when people lose the will

5. Its important you don't freeze with the rest of the world

5.1. Keep moving forward even if the pace slows

5.2. Know where your key areas are - how are you going to get access to these in the snow?

6. Having learnt to survive - can you thrive?

6.1. Brand

6.1.1. Worst advice was to change the name to be more serious...??!

6.1.2. Build fun into the brand

6.2. Community

6.3. Being myself

6.4. Get constructive

6.5. Get creative

7. Where are the paths that need to get cleared?

7.1. Notice the footsteps in the snow

7.1.1. What are the thoughts you've refered to often?

7.2. Notice the patterns of movement

7.3. Notice the flow of important action

7.4. Optimize these processes for accellerated growth