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Whether Report by Mind Map: Whether Report

1. Adopt the role of the Whether Reporter

1.1. In the lay of the land mindset you are the cartographer

1.1.1. Drawing your own map

1.2. Through the other mindsets you are the explorer

1.2.1. Understanding your situation in differnt climates

1.3. In this last mindset you are the reporter

1.3.1. summarizing the outcome of the brainstorm

2. Lots to report on

2.1. Reporting is an essential thing to do

2.2. What do you know I don't know?

2.3. Who do you know who I don't know?

2.4. What action must I prioritize in order to get to where I really want to go?

3. Mindset

3.1. Your beleifs influence your decisions tremendously

3.1.1. challenge them from time to time

3.2. Dreaming Big

3.3. The importance of being able to generate new Ideas

3.3.1. Value

3.3.2. Iterative evolution

3.4. The importance of being able to see problems as fuel with which to further passion and purpose

3.5. The importance of lateral thinking tools such as the Whether Forecast

3.5.1. Helping you see the bigger picture

3.5.2. Helping you identify what action to take next

3.6. Keep going and have the confidence to try new things

3.6.1. If one thing doesn't work, try another.

3.7. Learning from other people

3.8. Enjoying the here and now

3.9. The need to spend more time thinking about thinking

3.9.1. by means of evolving ideas through an iterative process of taking action

4. Entrepreneurship

4.1. The world needs more lateral and logical thinkers

4.2. The idea is of the essence

4.3. Primary fears come from not knowing what to do

4.4. Success is also battoning down the hatches to "Whether" the Snow and Rain

4.5. To overcome such fear, talk to people with more experience or like-minded to you.

4.6. Keep taking action even when the pace slows

4.6.1. Maintaining Momentum

4.7. Use your community to support you.

4.7.1. Prioritize the needs of your clients

4.7.2. Have fun with your brand and message

5. Change Management

5.1. Time is a measure of change

5.2. Rather than manage time. Manage Change

5.3. Account for this in baby steps

5.4. Appriciate the iterative process

5.4.1. allow ideas to evolve

6. The power of team

6.1. Often we feel as if we have to do it alone

6.2. All have stengths and non-strengths

6.3. Have more people in your team

6.4. Concentrate on the community

6.5. Cross-cultural collaboraton

6.5.1. Communication

7. Rather like the weather - tomorrow will be different

7.1. Entrepreneurs don't tend to worry about how bad it could get

7.2. Have the courage to move forward

7.3. Keep it going and watch the "Whether"

8. The Whether Forecast Process

8.1. Sits beautifully in a mind map format

8.1.1. Most popular mind maps on BiggerPlate.com are 6 think hats

8.1.2. Will see more Whether Maps emerging

8.2. Experience the weather all the time

8.2.1. Great metaphore

8.2.2. Intituve and relevant

8.2.3. Very effective

8.2.4. Balanced decisions

8.3. Inspiring and Innovative

8.4. More information

8.4.1. Buy the book! Paperback on Lulu Amazon Kindle

8.5. A tool to help people "see" more about themselves and what they're trying to do

8.5.1. Invaluable

8.5.2. Quick

8.5.3. Effective

8.5.4. Confidence

8.5.5. Sense of knowing

8.6. Add to IdeaSpace Global as a regular event

8.7. Plugin to BiggerPlate Community

9. Andrew Wilcox Cadre Consulting Mind Map