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Sunshine by Mind Map: Sunshine

1. Imagine a day when it feels as if everything is going your way

1.1. Positive

1.2. Energetic

1.3. Full of vitality

2. Confidence

2.1. Keen to take on a new idea

2.2. Able to conquer a challenge

2.3. Knowing on the right track at the right time

3. Momentum

3.1. THings are evolving

3.2. growing

3.3. moving in the right direction

3.4. Making progress

3.5. Extra energy

3.6. Constant Action

4. Redefining failure

4.1. whilst learning, sharing, growing, contributing... NOT failing

5. Vision

5.1. Big vision

5.1.1. never a problem for the entrepreneur

5.2. often lack short term vision

5.2.1. Know about the mansions and million dollars

5.2.2. don't know whether to turn right or left out of front door

5.3. Need strategic short term goals

5.3.1. clarify ideas in the near future

5.3.2. taking small baby steps to achieve goals

5.3.3. celebrating small achievements

6. Connection

6.1. coming together to share ideas

6.2. transfer knowledge

6.3. blend vision

7. Optimism

7.1. Beleif in the idea

7.1.1. excited to make it happen

7.2. Blind Optimism

7.2.1. Ignorance is bliss

7.3. Beleif that its possible

7.4. Change the world in a small or large way

8. Social

8.1. What you can bring to others

8.2. How you may connect to other people

8.3. Significance in a wider world

9. Generally Happy

9.1. Safe

9.2. Self-sufficient

9.3. Providing for family

9.4. Somewhere nice to run

9.5. No financial worries