TEDxAms personal notes

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TEDxAms personal notes by Mind Map: TEDxAms personal notes

1. adaptation to extreme circumstances

1.1. support system

1.2. Time and efforts

1.3. Optimism

1.4. from: marc de Hond, young person w spinal injury

2. You need someone to be patient to make change - Nice Nailantei Leng'ete

3. Insomnia - Eus van Someren

3.1. Caudate nucleaus activation during problem solving -- insomniacs have less of that. Less orbitofrontal grey matter (for sensing comfort)

3.2. Poor sleep in psychiatric disorders

3.2.1. depression completely different brain areas involved less pulvinar gray matter

3.2.2. Anxiety less polar frontal gray matter

3.3. Many Subtypes of sleep problems

3.3.1. www.sleepregistry.org

3.4. Why is lying awake so robustly represented among us?

3.4.1. maybe offspring of the guards of our species ;-)

4. Iceplant...environment friendly ..by SHELL (probably cheaper than cleaning the oil mess they made in Africa)

4.1. Love the concept though :-)