TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Paul de Blot The Mystery of Human Nature

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TEDxAmsterdam 2012 Paul de Blot The Mystery of Human Nature by Mind Map: TEDxAmsterdam 2012  Paul de Blot The Mystery of Human Nature

1. friendship is most important

1.1. how do you get that?

1.2. if you detect valuableness with people

1.3. if you know how to enjoy yourself people notice that, you can enjoy others too

2. example Nelson Mandela

2.1. 20 years in prison

2.2. lost physical life

2.3. connected to spirtual part

2.4. find power in yourelf if you leave 2 things

2.4.1. power

2.4.2. money

2.4.3. fearest of the spirit

3. question

3.1. gave care during concentration camp

3.1.1. what did you see in their eyes

3.1.2. I gave them water close their eyes where thankful it enriched my heart found friendship

4. history

4.1. what happend in nature?

4.2. first step

4.2.1. material world was coming up iron phosphorous water

4.2.2. created as material composition they never survived composition

4.3. second step

4.3.1. biological worlds

4.3.2. DNA animal life a summary of the whole material world every DNA find all elements iron phosphorous water etc

4.3.3. for every being: DNA is unique

4.4. third step

4.4.1. human being

4.4.2. organical

4.4.3. consciousness self consciousness living as a human being meaning: Freedom to accept has flown away

4.4.4. crucial point is that you are free!

5. freedom?

5.1. you are born

5.2. did you buy it (life)? No

5.3. you are a compositon? No

5.4. you got your life as your are!

5.5. not any choice

5.5.1. to construct

5.5.2. you are as you are

5.6. individual & unique

5.7. what is it?

5.7.1. yes or no

5.7.2. accept or refusal

6. history of human being

6.1. physcial & spiritual life

6.2. being & doing capacity

6.3. DOING

6.3.1. activity of body

6.3.2. destination death dying

6.3.3. material activity won't survive

6.4. survival component is spiritual

6.5. between dream & reality

6.6. between body & spirit

7. make a choice

7.1. Spiritual dreaming

7.2. physical doing

7.3. easy selection

7.3.1. let go your physical component

7.4. difficult

7.4.1. spiritual process

7.4.2. dream is difficult

7.4.3. survival process

8. example when a baby is born

8.1. started in the being of everything

8.1.1. one of the whole reality

8.1.2. when a baby laughs the environment is laughing

8.1.3. after 1 month baby is becoming conscious of I (self) mother: you conflict between mother & child existential choice of a child looking between material or being

8.1.4. after 3 months becoming a we the basic truth baby feel happy basic trust consciousness of the heart part of the whole being composition

8.1.5. most important I spent 5 years in concentration camp most victims died Question: why did a small group survive? had the basic trust resource: we had friends why did one get friends? basic trust is the resources most victims died before entering gas chambers

9. About

9.1. ...the author

9.1.1. Paul de Blot Nyenrode Business University pauldeblot.nl Previous talk at TEDxBreda

9.2. ...this talk

9.2.1. Themes Spirituality Power in self

9.2.2. Related talks

9.2.3. Reactions Paul de Blot -> wish he was my grandpa! You need to be conscious about your being #TEDxAms Paul de Blot #TEDxAms: "the crucial point of human being is that you're free, you can say yes and no. Only your spirit and dreams survive" #tedxams #pauldeblot on stage. It is a out 'doing' and 'being'. That is your dream and spirit. It is about body and soul. Is it a choice? Master Yoda speaking! Love his speech :) Paul de Blot #TEDxAms Yes means feeling free. No means a struggle. Choises." #pauldeblot #TedxAMS Nobody can face difficult situations without friends. #tedxams #TEDxAms even here there are people who can't be quiet for 20 minutes while a wise man talks about spirituality on stage. PauldeBlot @ #tedxams Open yourself to friendship, become a happy baby again, feeling you are connected to the whole world ' Forget power and money and you will be a strong man' #TEDxAms heel mooi! #human #nature

10. human nature

10.1. it is a mystery

10.2. we are all human nature

10.3. best way?

10.3.1. ask yourself