New Employee Integration

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New Employee Integration by Mind Map: New Employee Integration

1. Before the new employee arrives

1.1. HR will send the following documents

1.1.1. employment contract

1.1.2. personell sheet

1.1.3. covering letter

1.1.4. a reply envelope

1.1.5. pension plan info

1.1.6. code of conduct

1.1.7. expenses entitlements

1.1.8. map of surrounding area

1.2. IT SUPPORT will setup

1.2.1. a domain email account

1.2.2. a laptop with requested software

1.3. IT DEVELOPMENT sets up development accounts

1.3.1. Time recording

1.3.2. Subversion source control

2. Employees first day

2.1. Assign mentor to help with:

2.1.1. meeting the employees

2.1.2. finding the coffee machine

2.1.3. use of faxing/copying eqpt finding supplies etc

2.1.4. handing out documents local office floor plan emergency procedures checklist

2.1.5. identifying tech support numbers

2.1.6. scheduling meeting rooms

2.1.7. office/building/area tour

2.1.8. parking arrangements

2.2. Roll out the welcome wagon

2.2.1. lunch with the team

2.2.2. meet the boss

2.3. HR will require

2.3.1. employee to organise a criminal record check

2.4. Will they need to access the building at odd hours?

2.4.1. sign a key release form