The classroom of the future

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The classroom of the future by Mind Map: The classroom of the future

1. Style of learning in future classrooms

1.1. i think the style of learning in the future classrooms would be there wouldnt be anymore learning through textbooks or on chalk boards everything would be learnt through technology like computers and the style of learning would be taught digitatally.

2. Technology in future classrooms

2.1. the technology in future classrooms would be everything downloaded on a computer or laptop device like textbooks and everyone would have their own device.

3. What my future classroom would look like

3.1. my future classroom would just not have any old school stuff like text books or chalk board or even smart boards things would be taught digitally on devices given to each student.

4. Technology in past classroom

4.1. the technology in past classrooms is really just chalk boards and textbooks there wasnt really anything digital and if there was it was limited like one computer per classroom and it was the old styled computers being used.

5. Style of learning in past classrooms

5.1. the style of learning was a teacher reading out loud to the students and the students copying down notes on what they said or copying notes from the chalk board or copying notes from the over head and reading from the textbook.

6. Technology in present classrooms

6.1. the technology used in present classrooms is textbooks, whiteboards, smartboards and computers, laptops and ipads.

7. Style of learning in present classrooms

7.1. the style of learning in present classrooms is really just reading from your textbook and copying notes and filling out information booklets that associate with your textbook. and a teacher goes to the front of the class and reads from the text book and explains more thorough on the concepts.