Structure and Boundaries for Resolutions for life

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Structure and Boundaries for Resolutions for life by Mind Map: Structure and Boundaries for Resolutions for life

1. The 13 resolutions

1.1. Purpose

1.1.1. The Purpose of life is to glorify God and we each have unique talents(gifts) that we can contribute today to serve others. Isaiah 43:7 Romans 12:4-8

1.1.2. Service of many leads to greatness

1.1.3. The purpose of the resolutions for life Bible study is to explore 13 Biblical principles to their extremes with the aim of applying them to our daily lives and with the utmost goal of glorifying God.

1.2. Character

1.2.1. Honor your word without fear of consequence Romans 12:2 Joshua 1:7

1.2.2. Character Pre-Requisites Purpose Integrity Courage

1.3. Attitude

1.3.1. Never whine, complain, or make excuses Ephesians 4:29

1.3.2. Instead; give gratitude to GOD Key: Replace Negative Attitude with positive action Psalm 150:1-6

1.4. Vision

1.4.1. Consciously consider your purpose, character and attitude with regularity in order to align your more powerful subconscious with your conscious Do a physical action while you muse Let God guide you!

1.4.2. Why we do this Revelation 7:9-17 We go through struggle because the promise of being in the presence of God is the fulfillment of all our desires

1.4.3. What's possible Matthew 17:20 Balance of other non-believers with their mustard seeds Philippians 4:13

1.5. Plan Do

1.5.1. Once a purpose is defined; action is simple. What do you want? What does it take? Do it everyday. Philippians 4:8 2 Timothy 2:15

1.6. Scoreboard

1.6.1. Your spiritual growth can be directly tracked to how quickly you directly confront your sins You either hate to lose bad enough to change; or you hate to change bad enough to lose James 4:7-11

1.6.2. Identify Measurable benchmarks/targets 1 Timothy 6:11

1.6.3. Adjust action immediately Ezekiel 18:30-32

1.7. Friendship

1.7.1. Search for and find friends that share your passions. Always Help them be their very best.

1.7.2. Matthew 22:39 Colossians 3:12-14

1.8. Finance

1.8.1. Take away: We have a biblical responsibility to earn as much as possible in integrity; so that we can utilize our resources towards achieving our purpose 1 John 3:17 1 Timothy 6:17-19

1.9. Leadership

1.9.1. Leaders use their resolutions to build their character, task management skills, and relationships, in order to create an objective and structure that people follow and duplicate Matthew 20:25-28 1 Thessalonians 5:11

1.10. Conflict Resolution

1.10.1. Quickly confront conflict by affirming the purpose for the relationship and seeking reconciliation Romans 14:19 James 5:16

1.10.2. Do not add to this... as soon as you add things to fix; then the conversation turns from conflict resolution to relationship improvement which has no clearly defined resolution!

1.11. Systems

1.11.1. A system is any series of interconnected events or things that yields a certain result Recognize them; then influence their leverage points to get the desired result Must be in line with Purpose

1.11.2. The important part of the system is not the pieces but rather how well they are connected

1.12. Adversity Quotient

1.12.1. Adversity Quotient is the ability to endure pain on the path to purpose 2 chronicles 15:7 Revelation 3:21

1.12.2. AQ is developed by studying the relationship between the resolutions

1.13. Legacy

1.13.1. Our legacy is determined by how well we absorb, integrate and transmit the 13 resolutions "Begin with the end in mind." -Stephen Covey 2 Timothy 1:7-9 God did!

2. Goal

2.1. Explore the Biblical Principles for their modern day application

2.1.1. Empower each other to apply the principles for an immediate positive impact on our communities

2.2. The goal of the Resolutions for Life course is to show that every important question that humans are trying to figure out. how to be happy, how to be successful, how to have good relationships, how to have peace, how to have money, how to be fulfilled, how to have hope... it's all been in the Bible for thousands of years! We want to explore these 13 Biblical principles to their extremes, with the hope of discovering correlation of objective truth.

3. Boundaries

4. Doctrines

4.1. Umbrella Authority to direct those questions to

4.2. KEY Core beliefs (beyond debate)

4.3. The issues we agree to disagree on and/or don't know

4.3.1. Resources we're using to study the subjects

5. End

6. Measurable Contribution

6.1. By Group for people that need structure and guidance

6.2. Individual achievements for Directors/Leaders with a vision for their contribution

7. Audience

7.1. Professionals and intellectuals

7.2. We want a woman leader and balance

8. 1 Key goal is to step outside the dogma of the religion and look at what Biblical Principles work and why