Components in a network

ict mindmap on chapter 14 pg 314

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Components in a network by Mind Map: Components in a network

1. Network interface cards and wireless network interface cards

1.1. NIC

1.1.1. a network component that is required to attach a computer to a network. Used It is used in computers, and it requires an ethernet cable.

1.2. WNIC

1.2.1. a network component that does not require to attach a computer to a network. Used It is used in laptops and it doesn't require ethernet cable.

2. Hubs and switches

2.1. It connects the devices and manages traffic.

2.1.1. Hub a network component that joins components together and forwards data packet to all connected devices, using a weird connection. Steps: Disadvantages

2.1.2. Switches a component in a network to connect devices together, it forwards the data received onto its destination. How does the switch known which is the intended device for the data?

3. Repeaters

4. Wireless access points

5. Bridges

6. Gateways and routes