Medical Field Thoughts

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Medical Field Thoughts by Mind Map: Medical Field Thoughts

1. Obama Care

1.1. How will insurance now be covered?

1.2. How is it going to affect salaries

1.3. What is it going to do to the taxes doctors pay?

1.4. How will it affect privately owned practices?

2. How much time spent in surgery?

3. Different branches of the medical field.

3.1. The difference between a DO and MD

3.1.1. Which is "better"

4. Illegal use of prescription drugs.

4.1. Pain Medicines

4.2. Adderral, Vyvanse etc.

5. Costs of owning a practice

5.1. Nurses, secretaries, employees

5.2. Cleaning

5.3. Insurance

5.4. Supples

6. Is it worth of the debt to become a doctor?

6.1. what kind of doctors are in the highest demand?