Electromagnetic Waves

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Electromagnetic Waves by Mind Map: Electromagnetic Waves

1. Types

1.1. Gamma Rays

1.1.1. Emitted by nucleus of radioactive atoms

1.1.2. Used to sterilise medical equiqments

1.1.3. Kill cancerous cells

1.2. X-Rays

1.2.1. Produced by firing high-speed electrons at metal target

1.2.2. Used to produce image of bone structure

1.3. Ultra-Violet Rays

1.3.1. Obtained from Sunlight

1.3.2. Suntan

1.3.3. Kills bacteria

1.4. Visible Rays

1.4.1. Encompasses all colours of spectrum Wavelength Increases --------------------------------------------------------> Violet---Indigo---Blue---Green---Yellow---Orange---Red <-------------------------------------------------------- Frequency Increases

1.4.2. Optical Fibres

1.4.3. Light Photography

1.4.4. Endoscopy (Visual Inspection of internal organs)

1.5. Infrared

1.5.1. Emitted by hot objects

1.5.2. Remote Controls

1.5.3. Night Vision Equipments

1.5.4. Thermal Imaging

1.6. Microwaves

1.6.1. Produced by special electronic devices Klystron

1.6.2. Satellite Communications

1.6.3. Heat up food

1.7. Radio Waves

1.7.1. Remote Control cars

1.7.2. Walkie Talkie

1.7.3. Produced by electrons oscillating in electrical circuits

1.7.4. Used for TV/Radio Transmissions

2. Properties

2.1. Transverse Waves

2.2. Does not require mediums

2.3. Constant Speed of 3.0 x 10^8 m/s

2.4. Obeys laws of Refraction and Reflection

2.5. Transfer Energy from one place to another

2.6. Obey the Wave Equation Speed = Frequency x Wavelength

3. Effects

3.1. Absorbing EM Waves of lower frequencies Eg. Light, Microwaves, Infrared

3.1.1. Heating Effect on Cells and Tissues

3.2. Absorbing EM Waves of higher frequencies Eg. Gamma Rays, X-Rays

3.2.1. Ionisation of cells and tissues that can damage DNA, cells and tissues ( Ionisation knocks off electrons from atoms, producing ions and free radicals )