Andy Traub's Self-Publishing System

This is the mind map that explains every piece of my self-publishing system.

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Andy Traub's Self-Publishing System by Mind Map: Andy Traub's Self-Publishing System

1. Understanding the system

1.1. Getting attention

1.1.1. Don't ask people to launch for you

1.1.2. Do include people in the process

1.1.3. Be generous

1.1.4. Get emails early and reward immediately Leadpages Mailchimp

1.2. Getting feedback before you publish

1.2.1. Mailchimp

1.2.2. Google Forms

1.3. Building reciprocity through generosity

1.3.1. Mailchimp

1.3.2. Dropbox

1.4. Gathering reviews before launch

1.4.1. Mailchimp

1.4.2. Google Forms

1.5. Creating a solid home base

1.5.1. Home page

1.5.2. Blog

1.5.3. Contact

1.5.4. Media page

1.5.5. Reviews page

1.5.6. Extras page

1.6. Creating a dynamic book

1.6.1. Scrivener

1.6.2. Artwork Ecover Tool Kindle eProducts Kindle iBook eProducts

1.6.3. Links in book

1.6.4. Tracking links with Pretty Links

1.7. Offering extras in exchange for emails

1.7.1. Links in book

1.7.2. Password protected page

1.7.3. Mailchimp

1.8. Creating solid Amazon presence

1.8.1. Author page

1.8.2. Book page

1.9. Creating a conversation with your readers

1.9.1. Twitter

1.9.2. Facebook

1.9.3. E-mail

1.9.4. Facebook

1.9.5. E-mail

2. More

2.1. Money

2.2. Acceptance

2.3. Free time

3. Less

3.1. Stress

3.2. Conflict

3.3. Hassle

3.4. Uncertainty

4. Six Modules

4.1. Attention

4.1.1. 2. Creating a site - Domain / Bluehost / Wordpress Buy Domain Take the free domain they give you and install your web sites at Point domain's DNS to Bluehost - / DNS2.BLUEHOST.COM Add domain to Bluehost Domain add-on Connect domain Install Wordpress Install on sub-domain of original domain u got free from Bluehost Create custom username and password and SAVE Bookmarks login page Install Theme Thesis install Marketer's Delight Theme Use Default themes Plugins Pretty link lite Simple add pages or posts Akismet Audio Player WP Database backup

4.1.2. 5. Create artwork - Pixelmator Buy an image Gives you total control on how to use it If you don't buy it and make money from it you're stealing Picture sites to purchase images

4.1.3. 7. Get visitor's emails - LeadPlayer / Optin Skin

4.1.4. 3. Distributing free copies - Freebies with Pretty Links + Dropbox

4.1.5. 4. Gather emails - Mailchimp gather

4.2. Promotion

4.2.1. 6. Create marketing materials -Ecover tool

4.2.2. 10. Testimonials, reviews & feedback - Google Forms Testimonials/Reviews

4.3. Publication

4.3.1. 11. Create a powerful Kindle Author page Description Link to site/blog/twitter Multiple photos author central

4.3.2. 12. Robust Kindle Book page Cover art (Kindle size) Easy to read on small screen Make bonuses obvious Author isn't as important as message Book description Bold and bullets Editorial Reviews Write them for them Formatting They show up first! From The Author Make it personal Bullets and bold They'll truncate it Publisher Made mine up Make it scalable Make it part of your brand Don't use your URL

4.4. Creation

4.4.1. 9. Pretty links inside book Reasons Allows you to track users/clicks Allows for changing links in the future Creates a more dynamic user experience Branded links help with brand identity Endorsers Audio Affiliate links books Facebook Group Your story / Your question links

4.4.2. 8. Write your book - Scrivener Kindle Book Composition tips Compose view Word targets Formatting Sections Chapters Formatting inside sections Links Assembling book Cover Page breaks Chapter headings automatic from names Export kindle/iBook Export PDF

4.5. Distribution

4.5.1. 13. Delivering bonuses with Mailchimp

4.6. Participation

4.6.1. Facebook

4.6.2. Twitter

4.6.3. Email