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Devices by Mind Map: Devices

1. Input Devices- any computer peripheral that can be connected to a computer.

1.1. Device: Microphone

1.2. Benefits: good for inputting audio onto the computer

1.3. Challenges: Bad connection can cause the audio sound to be heard.

1.4. Classroom Use: Using microphones in the classroom can ensure that the audio sound is head throughout the classroom ensuring that all all students hear the audio.

2. Output Devices Device: pieces of hardware that move information (data that have been processed) out of the computer.

2.1. Device: Monitor

2.2. Benefits:Provides users with a way to view materials.

2.3. Challenges:The smaller the monitor, the harder it may be to view materials shown.

2.4. Classroom Use: Allows students to view more detailed and realistic pictures.