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OHP by Mind Map: OHP

1. Significant events

1.1. Japanese occupation of singapore

2. Entertainment

2.1. Listening to the radio

2.2. Dancing to the music

3. Enjoyable activities

3.1. Eating a full meal

3.2. Dance to the music

4. Conflicts

4.1. Mother did not allow her to go to school

4.1.1. Though she offered to pay for her education

4.2. Mother needed her to take care of younger sibling when she is away

4.3. Had to take care of everything in the house while everyone is away.

5. Exercise

5.1. No recreational acitivites

5.2. Was to walk to and from the market, bring food to the family

6. Education

6.1. No education, was even prohibited by mother not to go to school