D8 Toolbar / IA Study

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D8 Toolbar / IA Study by Mind Map: D8 Toolbar / IA Study

1. Objectives

1.1. Surface the biggest usability issues with D8 Admin IA

1.2. Propose, research, validate changes to solve these usability issues

2. Questions Inbox

2.1. Do you want to access actions from the menu as well as pages?

2.2. Do you go to Appearance to arrange blocks?

2.3. Are there pages in the admin which you could only ever access via a contextual menu from the "front" of the site?

2.3.1. Would you be able to find these destinations from navigating just the toolbar itself?

2.4. How important are small screen devices to you and your clients?

2.4.1. People use their tablets to update their site

2.5. What are the most difficult common tasks/workflows for clients/users to grasp?

3. Structure

4. Common Tasks

4.1. Where do you go to clear caches?

5. Improving Admin Experience

6. Findability

6.1. When using the Drupal Admin, can you find what you're looking for most of the time?

6.2. What are people's starting point? /admin? /configuration? /modules?

6.3. Is Views considered Content?

6.4. Installing a module, how do you go about finding its settings, permissions?

7. Shortcuts

7.1. do you use shortcuts?

7.2. What links do you put in there?

8. Content Creation

8.1. How can content editors create content faster?

8.2. Do content creators need most of the toolbar?