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Detox for Energy by Mind Map: Detox for Energy

1. About

1.1. Connect

1.1.1. Instagram Pictures of Food and Drinks with links to recipes

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1.1.3. Blog Site One blog a week on the 6 basics of detox Infographics about dangerous toxins to avoid

1.1.4. Daily Calendar Show step by step actions

1.1.5. Twitter my comments on healthy news stuff and toxic stuff

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1.2. 13 Governing Principles of Detox for ENERGY

1.2.1. Purpose To empower people to unlock their cellular energy detox detox for energy

1.2.2. Values Integrity We are loudly outspoken and blunt about the severity of our global toxicity epidemic Compassion We understand the challenges of detoxification and we empathize with people choose to walk this path. We never pass judgement on those who can't, don't or won't. Encouragement Everyone needs encouragement to improve Safety All six fundamentals are 100% safe and we only recommend the advanced techniques in those categories that are 100% safe.

1.2.3. Culture Hope Encouragement Gratitude Joy

1.2.4. Vision We envision a ripple of healthy habits as people learn the importance of the six fundamentals, improve their habits around the six, and lead their communities by example. Our vision is that the message of the Six Fundamentals spreads across the globe and countless lives are transformed as health is restored via cellular energy Our vision is to develop Detox for Energy into an international community with health retreats and health professionals on 6 continents in order to provide an opportunity for everyone to learn about the power of the fundamentals of Detoxification for ENERGY.

1.2.5. Plan & Do Connect Instagram Facebook Blog Site Daily Calendar Twitter Request Consultation Form eBook Detox Consultations Detox Sessions Detox Parties Blog Website

1.2.6. Check and Adjust Testimonies from clients Tracking of Before and After Metrics Weight Blood Pressure Heart Rate Other Tests Available Health Evaluation Questionnaire Expert feedback

1.2.7. Commmunity The key to lasting success with detox is an abundance of support, encouragement, and good food. We strive to create as many opportunities for people to connect to share recipes, stories and encouragement.

1.2.8. Finances Detox for Energy donates 10% of all proceeds directly to the XangoGoodness Meal Project and LifeSaver Water Bottle Systems. Detox for Energy takes in revenue via Detox Consultations Detox Sessions eBook Sales Product Sales Donations Advertising

1.2.9. Leadership Leaders will inevitably emerge by exemplifying these characteristics Clear understanding and integration of the , Purpose, Culture and Vision Well developed task management & relationship skills and character values.

1.2.10. Conflict Resolution We avoid conflict by sticking to the six proven fundamentals. On these six convictions we stand firmly

1.2.11. Systems We utilize systems so that our personnel spend their time pointing people to one consistent message across all of our channels.

1.2.12. Adversity Quotient We are committed to persevering because we believe strongly in our approach and that restoring people's energy is the best way we can serve humanity.

1.2.13. Legacy I see a worldwide organization of people who apply the six fundamentals daily to improve their health and inspire their communities.

1.3. Disclaimer

1.3.1. All information presented in Detox For Energy is for informational purposes only. It is not specific medical advice for any individual. All answers to reader questions are provided for informational purposes only. All information presented on our websites should not be construed as medical consultation or instruction. You should take no action solely on the basis of this publication’s contents. Readers are advised to consult a health professional about any issue regarding their health and well-being. While the information found on our websites is believed to be sensible and accurate based on the author’s best judgment, readers who fail to seek counsel from appropriate health professionals assume risk of any potential ill effects. The opinions expressed in Detox For Energy do not necessarily reflect those of Doctors in USA. Please note that this advice is generic and not specific to any individual. You should always consult with your doctor before undertaking any medical or nutritional course of action.

1.3.2. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The advice contained herein is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This news reporting is not intended to be a substitute or replacement for any medical treatment. Please seek the advice of a competent healthcare professional for your specific health concerns. Individual results may vary.

1.4. My Story

1.4.1. I dedicate this lifelong project to my beautiful mother. Without her relentless quest for truth and her passion for Jesus Christ, to encourage me; I would not have continued down the path she started. My mother got her BS in ? from ? and completed a Masters from ? in 197? She moved from NY to California and began teaching special education classes. In ? She fell very ill. Her fingers swelled and split to the bone, she was seeing countless specialists and was on regular cortisone shots, but nothing was curing the painful condition.

1.5. FAQ

1.5.1. Where will I get my protein?

1.5.2. Don't I need dairy for calcium?

1.5.3. Are fruit juices healthy?

1.5.4. Should I supplement with vitamins and minerals?

1.5.5. I don't have any extra money; what can I do to be healthier that is free?

1.5.6. Juicing vs. Blending

1.5.7. How do we define health?

1.5.8. How do we define sickness?

1.5.9. Is raw food sustainable long term?

1.5.10. Is a raw food lifestyle appropriate for Babies? Children? Teens? Athletes? Pregnant or nursing? Seniors?

1.5.11. Is a detox lifestyle more expensive?

1.5.12. Can I do the detox while on a pharmaceutical prescription?

1.6. My System

1.6.1. Ask Questions What do you eat? What do you drink? What do you put on your skin? What do you breathe? How do you sleep? How much time do you spend in the sun? How is your daily movement and sweating? Have them fill in schedule Fill out rest of schedule with action items Have them fill out slight edge chart Have them fill out health evaluation document Have them fill out health waiver Fill Out Hedgehog principle sheet What is your dream?

1.6.2. Water

1.6.3. Stretching

1.6.4. Deep Breathing

1.6.5. Dry Skin Brushing

1.6.6. Chi Machine

1.6.7. E.R.E.

1.6.8. Mung Bean Hitting

1.6.9. Asian Balls

1.6.10. Finger roller

1.6.11. Finger acupressure ring

1.6.12. Ginger Tea

1.6.13. Ionic Foot Spa

1.6.14. Hot Pads on Shoulder and Back

1.6.15. Cooling Pad on forehead with essential oils

1.6.16. Smoothie

1.6.17. Iridology exam

1.6.18. Reflexology test

1.6.19. muscle test

1.6.20. Lymph massage

1.6.21. Add supplements for $100 Juice Plus Xango Inner light super greens Yoli Homozon God's Herbs Cell Oxygenator

1.6.22. Add Q-Link for $100

2. Health is Achieved by returning to the perfect balance and harmony of nature

2.1. The Detox Umbrella

2.1.1. The Great News is that you're already doing ALL six! Oxygen; The Miracle Molecule Most important: we can only survive minutes without it How to get better oxygenation Resources Water; So Much More Than Just your Body's Lubrication Most abundant element of body; critical for the 4 major functions How to get better hydration How much water should you drink? Sunshine, My Dearest Sunshine, Oh How I Miss Thee! Nationwide Epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency People in sunny environments are happier Sungazing A Body In Motion Stays In Motion. It's a Law. The only way the lymph system can process our waste Flexibility and mobility are key markers of health Function and importance of sweating How to circulate Lymph Lymph system must be circulated by movement and eliminated through pores Energy Circulation Sleep?! But I don't want to go to bed yet!... Critical for brain performance Let go of stress To Sleep Better Taste is the most important factor in a food choice Why is there so much confusion about what humans should eat? What should we eat?

2.1.2. Takaway You can restore and unlock your cellular energy by clearing out your toxic obstructions through the Six Fundamentals of Detox! You can restore and unlock your cellular energy by clearing out your toxic build up through detoxification The Six fundamentals of detox cover every single thing the body needs making it easy for anyone to fit a detox into their lifestyle. "Detoxification is the Golden Key to unlocking cellular energy." Dr. Robert Morse

2.2. Poisoned Fish Tank = Poisoned Fish

2.2.1. We live in a poisoned environment Air Pollution Water Pollution Food Processing Skin Toxic Chemicals Poisoned Fish Tank = Poisoned Fish

2.2.2. What Cannot be eliminated; must be accumulated. We accumulate toxins everywhere you can imagine! The toxins enter through what we breathe, drink, eat, and put on our skin. Anywhere the blood goes; you can find toxins. When the body runs out of energy to eliminate those toxin; it begins storing them in fat tissues, in mucous and lymph nodes and interstitially. (Between tissues) Breast Cancer example

2.2.3. Takeaway Toxins from the polluted environment build up and obstruct your cells' ability to create energy Poisonous Toxins from the polluted environment accumulate from what you eat, breathe, drink and put on your skin. These toxins obstruct your cells' ability to create energy

2.2.4. Quotes: In a nutshell, what we eat and what we are exposed to in our environment directly affects our DNA and its expression. -Sayer Ji - Author Dark Side of Wheat

2.3. Baby Steps, baby Steps, Baby Steps.

2.3.1. Recipes Abundance Mentality (Eat often and eat a lot) Drinks Smoothies Snacks Breakfast Meals Dinner

2.3.2. Consult your medical doctor before beginning any new diet and or exercise program. See Disclaimer Simple Detox Lifestyle with "Abundance Mentality" Sleep 7+ hours Brush Teeth Drink Tea or Warm Water Eat Fruit Drink Water Eat Snack or Smoothie Drink Water Eat Large Salad or Raw Organic Vegan meal Drink Water Eat Snack Drink Water Eat Large Salad or Raw Organic Vegan Meal Drink Water Eat Snack Drink Water Eat Fruit Drink Tea/Warm Water Advanced detox Water Fast Detoxification for serious illness Please contact me for consultation info The "Healing Crisis" The body purging itself of toxins Sypmtoms may include

2.3.3. Takeaway The Step by Step Detox Plan makes it easy to fit detox into your lifestyle.

2.4. The amazing 100 trillion cell power source; your body!

2.4.1. Key Point The amount of energy available at a Cellular level is the critical factor to health and vitality Cellular energy multiplied across the 100 trillion or so cells in our bodies is what we need to live, think, thrive Obstructions from constant exposure to toxins build up in our bodies preventing the flow of energy and depleting our resources Clearing those obstructions safely and naturally through detox allows the body to regain the function(s) it was designed for. If we consider the body as the vehicle that powers and mobilizes our mind and spirit; we can easily understand the whole system. The body gets energy from 100 trillion cells.

2.4.2. Definitions Health When all your cells have enough energy to function so zero cells suffer from nutrient and/or water rationing within the body Sickness When your cells run out of energy to eliminate toxins via normal functions and the body purges the toxins in any means possible. Energy I have not found a comprehensive definition of energy that satisfies me. Detoxification The process of purging physical, mental and emotional toxins

2.4.3. Foreword

2.4.4. Understanding your body Body, Mind, Spirit alignment; the energy powerhouse Body Mind Spirit Takeaway Top four energy consuming systems of the body Government Architecture Kitchen Sewer Takeaway Fueling Up; From Chewing to Flushing and Everything in Between. The four major systems get their fuel/power from 4 main functions within the body ("From chewing to flushing and everything in between.") Takeaway

2.4.5. Takeaway “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla The most important marker in your health is the ENERGY from your 100 trillion or so cells that powers your body Your body runs on energy created within your cells.

2.5. Warning, Danger, Run!

2.5.1. Breathe Smoke Chemicals Household Cleaners Fragrances Hair Dyes Inhalers

2.5.2. Drink Chlorine Fluoride Bisphenol A

2.5.3. Eat Wheat Starches like Wheat Processed Dairy Processed Oils Soy Canola Vegetable Corn Processed sugar/artificial sweeteners Sugar the bitter truth Non Stick Pans Pharmaceuticals Caffeine Alcohol Heavy Metals

2.5.4. Put on our skin in 1938 the cosmetic industry was deregulated by the FDA. Since then the beauty industry has had no restriction on ingredients and has taken to using toxic chemicals to create quick "results." Check the safety levels all of your toiletries at The Toxic Twelve Propylene Glycol, Butylene Glycol, Ethylene Glycol Sodium Hydroxyde Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate DEA, MEA, TEA Polyethylene Glycol or PEG DMDM or UREA Mineral Oil Triclosan Parabens Isopropyl Alcohol FD&C Color Pigments Fragrances Safe alternatives Toothpaste Deodorant Soap Shampoo Conditioner Lotion Dry Cleaning Laundry Detergent Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets Vaccines

2.6. Recommended Tools

2.6.1. Oxygen Chi Machine Dry Brush Zaaz Mini Trampoline Homozon ecoquest Rainmate

2.6.2. Hydration Yoli Innerlight Super Greens Kangen Water

2.6.3. Rest Total Pillow Pillo1 Sleepap pillow

2.6.4. Sunshine

2.6.5. Movement Chi Machine Mini rebounder Zaaz

2.6.6. Food Eat LOL

3. Two Parts to detoxification

3.1. Avoiding exposure to toxins in the environment

3.1.1. Poisoned fish tank = poisoned fish

3.1.2. Breathe Dust Smog Paint Carpet Household cleaners Mold Mercury

3.1.3. Eat Protein Starch Refined sugar Dairy

3.1.4. Drink Caffeine Alcohol Sugar Dairy

3.1.5. Absorb Personal care products Chlorine BPA from receipts Parasites

3.1.6. Think Limiting beliefs Victim perspective Negative self talk

3.1.7. These are the 5 ways we create internal Chemistry A balanced PH optimizes cellular energy which is the basis of all health and wellness

3.2. Purging toxins that have accumulated

3.2.1. Oxygen Problem Lack of oxygen in atmoshphere Lack of deep breathing Lack of nutrients to carry oxygen to cells Solution Breathe deep Breathe Often Oxygenation products and techniques

3.2.2. Water Problem Too many sugary, caffeinated, artificial and dehydrating beverages. Solution Drink more water Don't drink sugary or caffeinated beverages

3.2.3. Rest Problem Lack of rest Solution Sleep at least 7 hours and take regular naps Sleep improvement products and techniques

3.2.4. Sunshine Problem Vitamin D deficiency of epidemic scale Un-based fear of sun and skin cancer Over use of sunscreen Solution Get sunshine and/or take Vitamin D3

3.2.5. Movement Problem Sedentary lifestyle leads to lymph stagnation and lack of elimination Solution Sweat daily Lymph circulation products and techniques

3.2.6. Diet Problem Confusion over proper diet as a result of: Solution Eat LOL