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eXponential eXperience by Mind Map: eXponential eXperience

1. Power of the Subconscious Mind

1.1. See Your Business in Your Mind

1.1.1. Visualization Exercises

2. Catch All

2.1. Key Drivers

2.1.1. Pain

2.1.2. Purpose

2.2. Key Intention

2.2.1. To Live Life At Your Highest Potential In a Way that has meaning to you! How Clean yourself up Same Time

2.3. Someone Already brought you into this world and believed in you to get you this far

2.3.1. As an adult you now have the tools to perpetuate life in a positive and meaningful way

2.4. Other Names for What We Are Doing

2.4.1. Starting with The End In Mind

2.4.2. Plan Your Work - Work Your Plan

2.4.3. Getting Clear on What You Really Want

2.4.4. The Law of Attraction

2.4.5. Manifestation

2.4.6. Dream Building

2.4.7. Self Hypnosis

2.5. Books to Read

2.5.1. Think and Grow Rich

2.5.2. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

2.5.3. The E-Myth Revisited

2.5.4. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent

2.6. Audios to Listen to

2.6.1. The Compound Effect

2.7. Videos to Watch

2.8. Habits to Develop

2.8.1. Gratitude

2.9. Phrases

2.9.1. The Purpose of a Meeting is to Book Another Meeting With Yourself or Someone Else

2.9.2. One of the Best Ways to get good is to Train for an Event No one wants to suck when they are performing - It can become a major driver to success. What event are you training for? What event are you training for? How have you committed to that event?

2.9.3. In order to create a new masterpiece one needs to start with a blank canvas. One must get rid of those things which don't serve you so you can have the life you truly desire.

2.10. Courses to Take

2.10.1. Millionaire Mind Intensive

2.10.2. PSI Basic

3. Right Side Implementation

3.1. Big Habit

3.1.1. Best Practice Student of the Business Learn the Business So Well You Can Teach To Others Effectively Know what is working right now Continual Improvement Process Kaizen Continually Implement Small Changes into Your Business What small steps can you put in place that are impossible to fail at? Understand the Business You Have / Understand the Business You Want Power Mindmaps What Are Your KPI's

3.2. Define The Business You Want

3.3. Rhymes / Poems

3.3.1. Someone Said It Couldn't Be Done

4. Program

4.1. Introduction

5. Presentation Materials

5.1. Example of a Successful Agent

5.1.1. Goal Worksheet

5.1.2. Implementation Plan

5.1.3. Scheduled Dates

5.1.4. How are they holding themselves accountable? Who is your accountability partner? Spouse Business Partner Employer Board of Directors Yourself Is your accountability partner on the same page? Are they emotionally invested in helping you succeed in achieving your goals?

6. Left Side Brainstorms

7. eXp Squared