Geocaching Application

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Geocaching Application by Mind Map: Geocaching Application

1. Ideas

1.1. I can invite him to work this MindMap and clarify everything and Invite Brett to work it too.

1.1.1. Enter Zone, Description is there, Video is there to click to play.

1.1.2. Wild Life Plant Tour Enter Zone Description + Video Link

2. The Questions

2.1. How do I create a catridge to load into the application and how do we set a password?

2.2. The program is installed, the reviews have been read, now what?

2.2.1. Now we go to the coordinates on the map that we want to utilize in the application and write down the coordinates in the global positioning system

2.2.2. We figure out if we're going to use physical things or just paint a rock and have them take pictures of it to redeem prizes, showing us a picture on their phone.

2.2.3. We then get all of the stuff that we're going to include in the application, all of the text, and we're going to go around the resort and create different input for the application.

2.3. How do we load the cartridge into the iPhone?

2.3.1. Do we upload it?

2.3.2. We get the coordinates in the iPhone

2.3.3. What app does the iPhone have to use it, it seems like the Where I GO just gets the coordinates?

2.4. If i went in tomorrow with an iPhone and went to the places that we wanted to have in the application how do I program the voice overs and what would pop up when they got close?

2.5. How close can we get to being Pirates of the Carribean-like without getting into trouble?

2.6. Can we get treasure boxes to hide the coins in?

2.6.1. Can we make it so that the treasuerbox only distributes one coin when they come, like how the button on the iPad can open the cash register?

2.7. What are the 10 Plants we want to talk about

2.8. What if we just had videos pop up ith a small descriptiopn of the video in the text and in the video we had a pirate themed guy talking and in the background someone would be hiding it while he was talking (might be distracting) but subtle and fun, or he can take the coin out of his pocket and show them where the chest s in that area where its hidden or where the coin is.

2.9. What if we had different adventure lengths?

2.9.1. Different Prices 1 Hour Adventure 3-5 Locations 2 Hour Adventure 7-10 Locations

2.9.2. Different Types of Tours Plant Life Tour Indigenous Common Rare Animal Tour Birds Monk Seals Insects Pirate Adventure Tour Movie Locations Buried Treasure

2.10. What are the three steps of creating a cartridge and naming it and loading it into the application on the iPhone to get the coordinates for it? How does it sync?

2.10.1. Step 1 Download the Application and create a Cartridge, Naming it

3. Reference

3.1. Turtle Bay Coordinates

3.1.1. 21.7025° N, 157.9958° W

3.2. Adventure Center Cartridge

3.2.1. File

3.3. Geocaching Blog


3.4. YouTube Videos


3.5. Fiverr Guys


3.6. Zones

3.6.1. Zones are the building blocks of a Wherigo experience. A zone is a virtual shape in the real world defined by three or more waypoints. Players interact with zones primarily by entering and exiting the shape in the real world. Events in a cartridge occur based on the player's location in relation to the zones that you define.

3.7. Characters

3.7.1. Characters are objects that the player can interact with inside of a zone. They are often used to tell a story, guide the player through a series of events or communicate information.

4. The Parameters

4.1. The Zones

4.1.1. Coordinates 3 Way Points of Each Place

5. Alternative Software


5.1.1. Tutorial


6. Progress

6.1. Got headphones listening to the turotial video, asking questions and downloadoing the basecamp, syncing the waypoints, learned about the event start

6.2. So we can do the tally scores when they hit certain zones, won't that already happen? Let's develop this concept of tally scores.

7. Ideas

7.1. I could come here and work on the Application this week, I can come for several hours everyday, with wifi out here and have the Segway next to me while I'm working on the app and give people Demo's and upsell people on the Segways then take them on a Segway tour when I want.

7.2. I can use Basecamp and iPhone and the Garmin and sync them all together and create the waypoints zones and have a text pop up.

7.3. I can restore Keili's computer and upload everything to Skydrive and utlize it here.

7.3.1. Ill ned to download everyhthing and upload all progress onto the dropbox

7.4. I can create GeoCaching Applications all around Oahu and include the Tours and Activities aroudn the Island, almost like the Adventure Passport and when they do 10 activities they get something for free... I can also add tours of a 7 day trip and three main things they would do each day and a new restaurant thewould go to eat, and I can get their e-mails on everything and upsell them on Aloha 411 and to secure myslef in that company i can create the timeline

8. Observations

8.1. Zones need three waypoints

8.1.1. How can I just add one waypoint and create a proximity around it?

8.2. I can create tasks for them to do, like go get the coins from the areas.

8.3. I created the Coin and grab and did what he said in the video, lets try it again and see if it goes in the inventory.

8.3.1. Let's remove the two pop ups in the area.

8.4. Looks like there's Icons, I can have that tree icon looks like there's icons in the garmin

8.5. It looks like I can have a zone activated after one zone is triggered

8.5.1. Looks like it's best to not have all zones open, also this is good because it's like KOTOR the quests open up when it's completed, zones can be reached and then they could need to come back to the Adventure Center for a prize or water and they could be unsold

8.6. I can have a huge zone and the zones within that zone can be activated

9. Timeline

9.1. 3-4 PM

9.1.1. I will create a text pop up with a link to a YouTube Video, upload the App/Cartridge to the iPhone and test it out. Alright let's test it out. Let's see how to make a test pop-up when you enter into a Zone.

9.1.2. I will watch the rest of the video to see if he does it.

9.1.3. 3-4 I can call all of the Luxurious People I can also pitch them on the Angel Concierge

9.2. Questions for Tutorial Man

9.2.1. How do I create a Text Pop-up when they enter into the Zone? Can we add a video to it? Can we load the Video into the Catridge or just YouTube Link How do we create Hyperlinks in the Text

9.3. 4-5PM

9.3.1. Testing it out and seeing if the Waypoints work and backing up everything to DropBox, at 5PM I'll stop and go in the Jacuzzi hopefully Earl will be back by then.

9.4. 5-6

9.4.1. Call more of the Luxurious Hawaii contacts Perhaps I can call them while I'm working on this stuff?

10. Emulator

10.1. Issues

10.1.1. Grabbing the coin The Code For some reason when I click Grab the coin it doesn't go into the inventory. I have it right with the command on the coin itself, could it be I don't have a character? I can go through the Tasks etc... tomorrow. Starting at 30 Min - 40 Min

10.1.2. Pop=Up The Code I suppose I need to figure out how to set it so that when you enter into the zone... a message pops up, i dont want it to be the description, looks like it pops up though.

10.2. Ideas

10.2.1. I can streamline the process by making 10 Waypoints, and having Text Based Messages pop up and having a youTube Link. Let's try that I'll start with 5

11. Talking with the Developer

11.1. Re: How do we get videos to pop up when they enter in the zone? I would add the URL as the name of a task and in its description , you can refer in a message that the URL is in the task list. The next generation of wherigo will be able to do videos and web links

12. Questions

12.1. Okay, I created the descripption and the application, how do I add waypooints and how do I sync the waypoints from the GPS based Device

12.1.1. Okay I guess it's called a Zone. How do I set the waypoint for the zone?

12.2. Okay I guess I'm going to upload all of the videos and we can identify the plants with the books that I Left at the house.

12.3. I can watch the whole tutorial for this hour and write questions and llook at his other videos after this one is done, its a good way to kill an hour.

13. The Adventure

13.1. Hawaiian Monk Seal


13.1.2. Video We can wait til the mom and boy are on the beach and we can give a little history about them and tell them not to touch them and name them and show them how close they can get to take a picture with them the length and a show clips of them swimming and capturing food

13.2. Banyon Tree



13.2.3. Video We can show them clips of the biggest banyon tree in Hawaii, swinging from the branches, a bit about the tree (perhaps someone in hawaiian clothes floral print or stick with pirate theme)

13.3. The Movie Beach

13.3.1. Video In this video we can have the pirate themed looking guide talk about the stuff in a pirate accent and have the video covers come across the screen or use the actual footage that was shot there in the movies so they can see the real footage from Soul Surfer, from Pirates of the Carribean maybe some pictures of them working there on the beach too and then maybe during the videos we could have someone hide the coin in the background or perhaps at the end of the video the pirate guy can take it out of his shirt pocket and find a spot to burry it or put it somewhere. The only issue is how many do we bury and how do we get them to not take multiple coins? Different colors at different locations

13.4. World War II Landing Strip

13.4.1. Video We can have clips of the planes flying and even in the video have the Helicopter people land down on the Strip and pop out and say something or fly over head to make it look like the planes are back

13.5. Northern Most Part of Island

13.5.1. Video We can have a video of him going all the way out to the end of the island and showing them the eastern most point, southern most point and western most point too.

13.6. Birds

13.6.1. Videos We can have the clips of all of the birds all over and the spot where theres the most is where they can go, perhaps close where that big green hill is right at the end of the segway tour coming back

13.7. Plant Life

13.7.1. Video We can show them the different plants, give them the real name of the plants and show them if anything is edible, what it is including the mountain apple telling them not to eat it perhaps and showing them some plant life

13.8. Turtles - Laniakea Beach

13.8.1. Rent a Moped! / Golf Cart / Walking Directions

13.9. Public Beach Entry

13.9.1. History of Location

13.9.2. Video of Best Waves and Location Surfers

13.9.3. Video Showing them local surfers surfing the biggest waves in Turtle Bay

13.10. The Sand from the Tsunami

13.10.1. Video We can show them scenes of a Tsunami and perhaps pictures of what it looked like before the sand was wshed up

14. The Prizes

14.1. like Dave and Busters

14.2. Shaved Ice

14.3. Stuffed Turtles

14.4. Turtle Bay Resort Logo Bone Jewelry Necklace

14.5. Turtle Bay Watch

14.5.1. Maybe one of those slapstick watches we can get it custom made with the adventure center

14.6. USB Stick / SD Card

14.7. Free Fishing Excursion

14.8. Lottery Ticket

14.8.1. each week everyone who does it we give out a big prize if they are staying there at the resort each Friday have a big hunt or Saturday morning

14.9. Being able to Spin a Wheel to see the Prize, get a wheel to Spin, the Adventure Wheel

15. Files

15.1. Garmin Basecamp Download Link

15.2. Catridge Export

15.3. Garmin Basecamp Export