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HHC Network by Mind Map: HHC Network

1. Productions

1.1. existing blocks

1.1.1. Trailers HHC Projects: Care Packages for IDF soldiers HHC Projects: Food distribution HHC Projects: Voice of the Living Helping Hand Coalition

1.1.2. Events Playlist: HHC Israel Events Tribute to the Founders of the State of Israel Asia Pacific Honoring Holocaust Survivors Knesset HHC Global Forum

1.1.3. Faces of Israel Israel Friendly Playlist: Israel Friendly Lifestyle Visiting Joseph Bau Museum Faces of Israel: Alice Ben Ami Year of the Victory - June 2014 Music Selected music from Israel International guests Ps. Dr. George Annadorai by the Arena Conference Ps. Joel Osteen visiting Israeli President Shimon Peres Ps. George Annadoai (Singapore) Marek Szpendowski

1.1.4. Israel Snapshots GoPro Israel Israel 360 degree

1.1.5. Daily Israel News Playlist: News & reports Weekly HHC Weekly: War in Gaza [2014.08.07] HHC Weekly: Support for IDF soldiers [2014.09.12] HHC Weekly: Sebastian visiiting hostels Reports IDF Elite Combat Soldiers: the FIRST Distribution JOURNEY Toys with Love - Comtesse Esther de Pommery Adidas from Israel: Poland defeats Germany Deep insights TBN featuring Andre Gasiorowski Children of the Holocaust EO Holland: Warm Home in Caesarea (Hol) Marsz Życia (TVP.Info) Terror Victims in Sderot March of Life in Poland Initiative 27 Jan

1.1.6. Documentaries Izak Goldfinger Film "18" (Izak) trailer Izak - promo Izak Goldfinger - full film Izak Goldfinger - The Final Journey Original Promise Operacja Most St. Louis Ship

1.1.7. Holocaust Stories Playlist: Book of Remembrance (eng) Playlist: Book of Remembrance (rus) History Playlist: History

1.1.8. Helping Hand Coalition HHC Projects: HHC Global Forum (2010-2014) Projects HHC Project: Supporting Terror Victims in Sderot HHC Projects: Shalom Houses HHC Projects: Eye Clinic for Holocaust Survivors HHC Projects: Volunteer for Israel HHC Project: Supporting lone Holocaust survivors HHC Projects: Book of Remembrance HHC Project: SHALOM Houses HHC Project: Individual Sponsorship

1.1.9. Israel-pedia History Geography and Climate Politics Economy Religion in Israel Christianity in Israel Messianic Judaism Religious significance of Jerusalem Haredim and Zionism Demographics Ethnic and religious groups Languages Culture in Israel Economy of Israel Israel Defense Forces Israel vs Middle East Islam World

1.2. syndicated TV networks

1.2.1. Israel Israeli Ch9 i24News.tv Israel21c.org RRMedia.com ITON.tv News7 JerusalemOnline.com IBA.org.il IDF.il GoIsrael.com Memri.org

1.2.2. International USA TBN Holland EO TV Russia TBN Russia Korea GCN TV Others 50 other international TV stations

1.3. logistics

1.3.1. process productions record post-production footage collection optional: mastering dynamic graph final cut broadcasting upload distribution

1.3.2. news concept reality stream parallel news constant online reporting syndicated productions reports victims of Holocaust underprivileged population concept history status not feelings need proces reporting process broadcast networking story Current situation Historial background Fate of People team HHC Coalition International Messianics blocks Israel friendly GoPro Israel Culture Israel-pedia Helping Hand