Frameworks Important for Education

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Frameworks Important for Education by Mind Map: Frameworks Important for Education


1.1. Substitution

1.1.1. -using technology to do the same thing that may be done without technology

1.1.2. -no real benefit from using this

1.1.3. -teacher centric learning

1.2. Augmentation

1.2.1. -technology is used to perform common tasks

1.2.2. -some functional benefit

1.2.3. -teacher/student centric

1.3. Modification

1.3.1. -common tasks are being completed using technology

1.3.2. -example: using the smartboard rather than overhead for interactive notes

1.3.3. -significant change in classroom, some change in marks

1.3.4. -personalized to student

1.3.5. -necessary for the classroom to function

1.3.6. -fosters more questions from students

1.4. Redefinition

1.4.1. -new tasks created from using technology

1.4.2. -example: creating a video

1.4.3. -supports student-centered learning

1.4.4. -collaboration and communication


2.1. -technological knowledge (TK)

2.1.1. -knowing about the different types of technology

2.2. -pedagogical knowledge (PK)

2.2.1. -teaching techniques and methods that a teacher uses

2.3. -content knowledge (CK)

2.3.1. -knowing the content that you must teach your students, the curriculum

2.4. -uses a ven diagram to show the relationship between the three types of knowledge

2.5. -teaching effectively with technology

2.6. -interaction between technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge

2.6.1. -TPK

2.6.2. -TCK

2.6.3. -PCK

3. Philosophy of Teachnology

3.1. -a teacher's belief about what types of technology and how to incorporate technology into their teaching

3.2. -TPACK should influence our philosophy of teachnology

3.3. -involves a professional growth plan

4. 21st Century Learning

4.1. -foundational knowledge

4.1.1. -information literacy, content

4.2. -meta knowledge

4.2.1. -critical thinking, problem solving, creativity,

4.3. -humanistic knowledge

4.3.1. -life and job skills, emotional and ethical awareness