Design Map for Teaching Argument Online

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Design Map for Teaching Argument Online by Mind Map: Design Map for Teaching Argument Online

1. Standards/Outcomes

1.1. W 4.1

1.2. W 4.4

1.3. W 4.5

1.4. W 4.6

1.5. W 4.9

1.6. Students will be able to gather information to support a logical argument on a topic or text, determine relevant reasons and information to support a point of view and then compose an argument with reasons and information that clearly support a point of view.

2. Documents/Rubrics/Practice Activities

2.1. Grade 5 Evaluation Guide pgs. 7, 10, 16

2.2. Recipe for a Perfect Paper

2.3. Students will investigate online and create a list of interesting topics from which to choose for their final project.

2.4. Given a list of reasons/pros and cons of an argument, students will determine if those are valid, relevant reasons or not.

2.5. Practice rewriting a poorly written Introduction.

2.6. Practice rewriting a poorly written Conclusion.

3. Images

3.1. Opinion

3.1.1. photo of opinion poll

3.2. Other images are saved as a file for the class.

4. Websites for Students





5. Colors / Fonts

5.1. Fonts

5.1.1. Footlight MT Light

5.1.2. Calisto MT

5.1.3. Comic Sans MS

5.1.4. Times New Roman

5.2. Keep colors simple - not busy.

6. Resources for Teaching


6.2. Lucy Calkins

6.3. Ruth Culham



7. Videos




8. Assessment

8.1. Students will write an effective argument essay on a topic of their choice (prior approval from instructor) to be scored with the rubric (see documents). Minimum score of 3 in order to pass.