IS&T Documentation Space Review and Cleanup

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IS&T Documentation Space Review and Cleanup by Mind Map: IS&T Documentation Space Review and Cleanup

1. Application Pages

1.1. Conferencing

1.1.1. Audio Conference Pages Level 3 Ready-Access Level 3 Getting Started Level 3 References Level 3 Audio Conferencing Account Request Form

1.1.2. Cisco Jabber Client Client for Windows Setup Client for Windows Use Client for Windows Use Softphone Feature for Windows Client for Macintosh Setup Client for Macintosh Use Client for Macintosh Use Softphone Feature for Macintosh For Mobile Devices IM App for Android Devices Voice App For Android Devices For iPhone For iPad Video Tutorials

1.1.3. Video Conference PolyCom

1.1.4. WebEx Event Center Training Resources Hide Floating Icon Tray Productivity Tools

1.1.5. WebEx Connect Client Installation Getting Started Detailed User Guide FAQs Adding contacts and importing distribution lists into WebEx Connect Customizing your profile Desktop sharing and starting WebEx Meeting Center meetings Group chat with multiple contacts Integrating WebEx Connect & Meeting Center Sending a file to a contact Sending a screenshot in an IM conversation Setting a custom status message

1.2. Desktop Applications

1.2.1. Adobe Systems Adobe Acrobat Adobe Captivate Adobe Captivate 5 Hot Fix for Publishing of Projects with Text Animation Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Adobe PageMaker Adobe Photoshop

1.2.2. Camtasia Video Recording Getting Started with Camtasia Video Tutorials: Camtasia 7 Additional Documentation: Camtasia 7

1.2.3. FlameReader FlameReader & Camtasia

1.2.4. Microsoft Exchange Email Server Entourage Exchange - Email FAQs Outlook Office Office to PDF Conversion Tools Office 2007 Installation Instructions

1.2.5. Pixlr Image Editing

1.2.6. QuarkXPress

1.2.7. VMware VMware Player Licensing

1.2.8. WinZip

1.3. Enterprise Applications

1.3.1. Agile PLM Basics and Navigation Product Collaboration Agile - Troubleshooting JAVA Related Problems

1.3.2. AlertAccess Getting Started Guide Employee Guide Manager Guide Owner Guide FAQs

1.3.3. Brightcove Media Server Export Videos Export Camtasia Recording Export WebEx Recording Guidelines for Creating Videos to Upload to Media Server Add New Video Update Existing Video Cue Point Video Embed Player Embed Player in Confluence Embed Player in Sitecore Create Playlist Create Tabbed Player Analytics FAQs

1.3.4. ClearCase - Source Code Management ClearCase and Subversion - Helpdesk ClearCase - Development System Support

1.3.5. Cognos Cognos - Edit User Permissions

1.3.6. Company Wide Project Tracker

1.3.7. Concur Expense Tracking Concur Despesa de viagem Tutorial - Português Concur Expense Reports FAQs

1.3.8. Confluence Enterprise Wiki Introduction: Confluence Procedures: Confluence Add Space Add Page Edit Page Share Page Implement Space Gliffy Diagram Plug-in Gliffy Diagram Plug-in v5.0 - Release Notes Gliffy Diagram Plug-in v6.03 - Release Notes Resizing Gliffy Diagram in Confluence Tutorial Videos: Confluence References: Confluence FAQs: Confluence User Guide: Confluence User Adoption: Confluence Best Practices: Technical Documentation IS&T Confluence Administration Confluence Release Notes Confluence Page Watcher Notification Enhancement Confluence Release Notes v4.3 Confluence Release Notes v5.0 Confluence Release Notes v5.1 Confluence Release Notes v5.2

1.3.9. ECLMS - EduBrite Project Overview Profile Navigation Groups Group Administration Group Collaboration Courses Create Courses Authorize Course Publish Courses Schedule Course Sessions Enrollment Track Learner Progress Reports Mobile for iPad System Administration Proxy Login FAQs

1.3.10. eCRM - Salesforce eCRM CPQ - Configure Price Quote eCRM CPQ Getting Started eCRM CPQ - References eCRM Create Assets eCRM - System Administration User Management - Terminating (Deactivating) Users Salesforce Training Materials eCRM - Outlook Import Contacts

1.3.11. Employee Portal Purchase Order Requisitions Tutorials

1.3.12. Enterprise Asset Manager Assest Manager - Submit Request

1.3.13. Enterprise Crystal Reports eCRM Data Connector Error Error: Failed to read parameter object Exporting Crystal Reports from Business Objects Report Server - Save as Excel Active X

1.3.14. Enterprise JIRA End Users: Jira Getting Started for Jira Users Dashboards Projects Issues Reports in JIRA Agile Users: JIRA JIRA Agile User Boards JIRA Agile User Classic Boards JIRA Agile User Updating Issues Agile Users: JIRA Appendix Project Team Members: JIRA APPS Project Members Fiery Project Members IS&T Project Members Project Administration: JIRA Project Administrator's Guide Project Permissions: JIRA Project Workflows: JIRA JIRA System Administration JEMH - JIRA Enterprise Mail Handler Configuration Video Tutorials: JIRA Video Tutorials for Agile Users JIRA References FAQs: JIRA JIRA System Environments Reference Guide: JIRA JIRA Change Management Procedures & Policies JIRA Agile Team Members Reference Guide: JIRA GreenHopper Agile References: JIRA Glossary Requesting Atlassian for Support JIRA - Email Handler JEMH JIRA Release Notes JIRA Release Notes v5.1 JIRA Release Notes v5.2 JIRA Editor Release Notes JIRA - Structure JIRA - Structure Getting Started JIRA - Structure Administration JIRA - Structure User Guide

1.3.15. GRAD (eStore)

1.3.16. GRAD Software Distribution

1.3.17. Kronos Time Tracker

1.3.18. Lab Manager Lab Manager - Getting Started

1.3.19. Latest Releases Admin Procedures - Suggested Course Playlists

1.3.20. Macrovision - Operations Module Macrovision - FlexNet Operations - How-To Guides Generating a License Using FLEXnet Operations Client Installing FLEXnet Operations Client Re-hosting Licenses Using FLEXnet Operations Client

1.3.21. NCRT - New Computer Request Tool How to add an image to a product in NCRT How to make a product End of Life

1.3.22. Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) NDA Admin Guide

1.3.23. PassagePoint

1.3.24. SAP Getting Started Basics and Navigation Maintaining Your User Profile (SU3) Universal Job Aid Accounts Payable Enter Inventory Invoice with PO MRBR Procedures PO Requisitioner Display Expense PO Procedures Actual Payment Run Process/Procedures ACH Employee Check Run Process Send ACH Batch to BoA Display PO Payment History Vendor Payment Display Display Check Informaiton Confirm Critical Vendor Changes Accounts Payable Transactions Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable Introduction Change Customer Credit Information Display Customer Balance and Line Item Display Customer Master Record Release Sales Orders on Hold Access Customer Aging Report Run Credit Memo Report Cash Applications Cash Application Process Cash Application and Credit Management Download Bank Statement Lock Box Application Post Incoming Payments Enter Customer Down Payment Reset Clearing Reverse Document Entry Down Payment Rollback Partial versus Residual Payment JIVE SETTLEMENT CLEARING Cash Application and Credit Management Exercises Cost Center Data Sources for Cost Center Reports Cost Center Management Cost Center Management Job Aid Cost Center Manager Reporting Fixed Assets Fixed Asset Process Asset Creation Execute Depreciation Run Fixed Asset Transactions General Ledger Journal Entry Upload Financial Reporting General Ledger Job Aid Procurement Purchase Orders Create Purchase Requisition Approve Purchase Requisition Employee Portal Change Purchase Requisition Goods Receiving Process Open Purchase Order Line Items Purchase Requisitions List Display Material Management Material Management (MM) Perform Cycle Count Sales Operations Creating and Changing Maintenance Contract Creating and Changing a Service Order Creating and Changing Product and Service Contract Creating and Changing Sales Orders SAP Logon SAP Logon Auto Update SAP Logon FAQs SAP Printing Front End Printing Procedures Training Materials FAQs Approving a Rejected PR Changing Account Password No Account Sharing Policy

1.3.25. Sharepoint SharePoint 2007: Introduction Quick Start Guide My Site: User Guide Site Owner & Member: User Guide Office: User Guide Outlook: User Guide Macintosh Office Connector: User Guide External: Concert User Guide Plug-ins: SharePoint FAQs Upload Attachments: FAQ Help & How To Video Tutorials: SharePoint SharePoint 2007 Search Best Bets Backup

1.3.26. Sitecore Create New Page Sitecore Training Upload and Publish Files

1.3.27. SuccessFactors SuccessFactors Getting Started SuccessFactors Employee Guide SuccessFactors Manager Guide SuccessFactors Performance Reviews SuccessFactors - Performance Reviews SuccessFactors Video Tutorials SuccessFactors Video Tutorials Deutsch SuccessFactors Video Tutorials Espanol SuccessFactors Video Tutorials Portugues SuccessFactors Performance Management Job Aids Performance Management Job Aids - Deutsch Performance Management Job Aids - Español Performance Management Job Aids - Português SuccessFactors Company Info Page SuccessFactors Help Page

1.3.28. Visual SourceSafe (VSS)

2. Hardware Pages

2.1. Desktop Computing

2.1.1. Browsers Browsers - Java Run-time Environment Clear cache on various browsers Internet Explorer Internet Explorer Stop Login Prompt Internet Explorer Unable to Access/Logon to EFI Hosted Application (Null Value)

2.1.2. Desktop - Hardware Standards

2.1.3. Desktop - Software Standards

2.1.4. Lenovo Warranty Coverage Lenovo Limited Warranty Lenovo Warranty Information

2.1.5. Macintosh OS Mac FAQs Mac Search Boot Version Managing User Accounts in Mac OS X

2.1.6. Order new computer equipment or software

2.1.7. Unix/Linux

2.1.8. Windows OS Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows FAQ

2.2. Preferred Headsets

2.3. Printers

2.3.1. Printer Setup Printers - EU

2.4. Telecom and Mobile Devices

2.4.1. Global Telecom Policy

2.4.2. Mobile Device Change Cell Phone Service Plans Android Android Connecting to EFI-Protected WiFi IM+ for Android Devices Android VPN Apple iOS iPad/iPhone User Exchange Account Setup Apple iOS 5 - Default VPN Setup Apple iOS - Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Setup Mobile Device Support Contact Information Employee Discounts for Personal Use Preferred Devices PrintMe Mobile PrintMe Mobile Direct to Print PrintMe Mobile Email to Print PrintMe Mobile FAQs PrintMe Mobile Resources in EFI PrintMe Mobile Secure Release Order Cell phone or change service plan

2.4.3. Office Phones Cisco VoIP Telephone System Cisco Jabber Dial Plan IP Communicator Softphone Unified IP Conference Station Unified IP Phone Unified IP Phone Headsets Voicemail Procedures Voicemail Password

3. Network Pages

3.1. FTP Speed Benchmark From Different Locations Page

3.2. Generic Network Troubleshooting Guide Page

3.3. Oracle - Database Client Pages

3.3.1. Oracle Client Installation - Windows 7 64-bit

3.3.2. Oracle Client Installation - Windows 32-bit

3.4. Remote Connections Pages

3.4.1. Remote Desktop for Windows

3.4.2. Telnet Client: PuTTY

3.4.3. Terminal Server: Mac or Unix

3.4.4. Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

3.5. Static IP Address Request Procedures Pages

3.5.1. Bangalore Vlans

3.5.2. Foster City user Vlans

3.6. Troubleshooting Guidelines for Telephones/ Cisco Voice Issues

3.7. VPN Remote Access Pages

3.7.1. VPN - AnyConnect Client Install AnyConnect Installation Procedure for Macinthosh AnyConnect Installation Procedure for Windows

3.7.2. VPN Windows Trouble Shooting

3.8. Wi-Fi Pages

3.8.1. WiFi - iPass Client iPass Client Android iPass Client Apple iOS iPass Client Apple OS iPass Client Blackberry iPass Client Windows iPass Configuration Codes

3.8.2. WiFi Wireless Connection Procedures Intel - Upgrade Intel Wireless Adapters Drivers Wireless Connection Set up for EFI Employees Wireless Connection Set up for Guests and EFI Employees (Internet Access Only) Wireless Connection Sign Holder for EFI Guests at Conference Rooms

4. Organization Pages

4.1. All-Hands Meetings Pages

4.1.1. 2012 IS&T QBR

4.1.2. CIO Monthly Meetings

4.2. Communication Services Pages

4.2.1. Licensing Desktop Software Licensing MSDN MSDN FAQ MSDN Subscriber help MSDN Subscriptions Software FAQ

4.2.2. Mobile Device Management Mobile Voice Rates

4.2.3. Services Matrix

4.3. Contract Negotiation Checklist Page

4.4. Helpdesk Services Pages

4.4.1. Global Support Services Shift Schedule Transportation Cost Breakup

4.4.2. IS&T Alerts, Outages, and News

4.4.3. IS&T Helpdesk now available on Skype (Voice/ Video)

4.5. Implementation Services Page

4.6. IST Menu of Services Page

4.7. IST Org Chart - Main pages

4.7.1. IST Org Chart - APPS India

4.7.2. IST Org Chart - Architecture

4.7.3. IST Org Chart - CRM BI

4.7.4. IST Org Chart - Global Data Center Services

4.7.5. IST Org Chart - Global Operations

4.7.6. IST Org Chart - Global Support Services

4.7.7. IST Org Chart - Internet Hosting Services

4.7.8. IST Org Chart - Network

4.7.9. IST Org Chart - Tech Comm Services

4.7.10. IST Org Chart - Web Services

4.7.11. Org Chart - Facilities

4.8. Network and Telecom Services Team Roles Page

4.9. JiTS Service Level Agreements SLA Page

4.10. Technical Communication Services Pages

4.10.1. Human Performance Analysis Human Performance Problems Checklist

4.11. EFI Employee Location Headcount Page

5. Report Pages

5.1. Fiery Dashboard Page

5.2. IS&T Weekly Dashboard page

5.2.1. Confirmation from Sunil to remove the page.

5.3. Pages By Label Page

5.4. Pages By Name Page

5.5. Reports Recent Updates for IS&T Documentation Page

6. Legends

6.1. - All Pages Updated and Cleanup Process Completed

6.2. - System/Chapter Completed Fully

6.3. - System/Chapter Completed Partially

6.4. - Topic/Sub-topic Completed

6.5. - Topic/Sub topic Incomplete/Partially Complete

6.6. - Moved to Archive Space

6.7. - Follow-up with the SME

6.8. - More information required to complete the page

6.9. - Page deleted as per user/SME's instruction after review.

7. Resources

7.1. IS&T Team Global Support Services Escalation Matrix

7.2. IS&T Project Management Office (PMO) Home