How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation ...

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How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages? by Mind Map: How did you use new media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

1. New Media

1.1. Firstly the definition of new media is the reference to the latest forms of communication in many forms mostly electronically with such examples such as Web sites, Email, web 2.0 such as blogger. New media is also interactive with its users and example is twitter where they can communicate about a particular world or trending event. So not only do new media products give out information but also allows users to comment their own thoughts on it and as technologies improve new media is ever changing.

2. Blogger

2.1. This is the second time I have used blogger as I also used it last year in the making of short film opening so I had a brief idea of how it works. It was the main website where I created and edited some of my posts, on blogger I could add images along with text and also embed videos from sites such as YouTube. This was very easy and helpful when it came to creating my work as the videos I created such as the lip syncing task the makes it easy when reading as well because you have text and videos together for example the explanation. It is also easy to embed other task from other online website I used such as Prezi ,Mindmiester and Slideshare. I used Blogger in my Research, Planning and Evaluation stages which is why it was an important part of my A2 coursework as well as my AS.

3. YouTube

3.1. YouTube was an essential online tool that I used for many of my research tasks for example when I had to analyse several music videos from the genre that my video will be. In my case it was rap and YouTube has a large variety of music videos and I was able to analyse these videos then embed them on my blog. Also as I have previous mentioned for the research stages YouTube came in useful as well as rap videos came up that I had never seen before so it gave me a better idea of the generic conventions and gave me a rough idea that is included stereotypically in the rap genre.

4. SlideShare

4.1. Slideshare was another useful that I used for my planning and evaluation stages the reason that I used Slideshare is that it makes a normal PowerPoint presentation more presentable by transferring it into Slideshare. I used this for many of my tasks in the planning stage of my music video then just used the embed code, when using Slideshare it is similar to a PowerPoint as in you can include images and text together. It also allows you could display your work in a different form and is much more presentable when viewing it on the blog.

5. Prezi

5.1. This is another online tool that I used in all the stages research, planning and evaluation. As I have previously used Prezi in other subjects and last year in AS media I have become more comfortable with it and this year was able to make it more presentable for example on the second evaluation question. One thing that I liked about Prezi was that it was able to access both inside and outside school so when it came to doing theories of production task for research which was a group task it was easy to share our work between us. It is also a change from the boring PowerPoint presentations that are used by many so it adds variety and with the different transitions to the text it makes it more watchable in presenting my research, planning and evaluation tasks.

6. Photoshop

6.1. Using the programme Adobe Photoshop helped me in the production stages in creating my Digipak, I planned what it was with hand drawn pictures but for the production I used Photoshop. This was very helpful as I was comfortable with the software as I had previously used it before in year 12 creating my horror production logo so I was able to know the basics such as crop and colour fill. However this year I needed to know a lot more as I needed to create a Digipak as well as a poster advert, for these I needed to know how to crop and remove the backgrounds of a particular image an example of this was the car I used the magic wand tool which allowed me to get rid of the road and house in the background which I would not of been able to do without the use of Photoshop.

7. Adobe Premier

7.1. Adobe premier was another software that I was new to this year the reason for this was that I used IMovie last year in editing my film opening and for this year I also used the same programme for the lip syncing. The reason that I choose to use to for the production of my music video is that there would need to be a lot of lip syncing with cuts in-between and on Adobe premier you can be very specific with the timing of the cuts to the very second whereas on IMovie you cannot. While using Adobe I used many of the feature such as reverse, split screen and slow motion. During my time of editing my video I had several clips so instead of cutting them all individually I used layer so I would layer clips over each other then just cut out the parts I didn’t want which save a lot of time.

8. Hardware Devices

8.1. Throughout the completion of my A2 I have used many hardware devices one of them was the Sony handheld camera that I used for filming and taking pictures for all of my production tasks including my Digipak. The camera that I used has the ability to take pictures and film so was very helpful when it came to the completion of them. Also for the planning tasks such as the casting and location tasks I took pictures using the camera. Also on the camera there was a setting to adjust the contrast so for the scenes shot and night which where not a visible I changed the settings to make it brighter which was beneficial for the audience. It was also HD so the quality was clear and made it easier to show the narrative and also the fact that it was handheld meant it was easy to carry and could still be used without a tripod.