P19 describe the benefits of team development

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P19 describe the benefits of team development by Mind Map: P19 describe the benefits of team development

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4. Examples of hospitality businesses. As an event company like Plyvine takes a whole team to deliver an excellent standard of service without no problems this just show how strong their team is as there service standards are 5 star.

5. Why team development is important -team development is important because changes happen and the team need to keep up with those changes e.g. if a new member came into the team the exciting team will have to adapt to the new person by getting to know one another plus the new person will have to now there place in the team.

6. To improve the teams relationship i would look into taking them to do team orientated activities these include: paint balling, high ropes

6.1. Team Building activities eg:

7. What does team development achieve - the benefits of developing the team is that you end up with a team that is excellent at what they do and how they deliver their services.

8. Training or support to improve the way your team work - to improve your team there are training programmes that they can attend to build team morale and the relationship within the team but also the skills it takes for them to do there job to a better standard.

9. Advantages - advantages of team development is that every employee is kept up to speed and updated with new standards and working as a team you gain a better understanding of what each employee is strong and weak at (characteristics) so that employees are put in the correct job title that suits their strengths and proceed with some training so they can work on the factors that they are not good at.

10. When should team development be done?:

11. A team which effectively uses team development develop in the following areas:Trust Creativity Strategic Thinking A Broader Perspective All of these are features of a Good Team.

12. Disadvantages - The amount of time and money that is spent on team development and also employees may get a wrong assessment on other employees.

13. ·Stages of effective team building discuss how well the team does or does not function in accomplishing its job · identify barriers to the team’s effective functioning · decide how to change team behavior, structure, and process to make the team function more effectively · critique the style and contributions of team members and suggest ways for individuals to improve how they serve the team · learn team management and process skills to be more effective personally and to train their subordinates in those skills

14. What it is - Team effectiveness is enhanced by a team's commitment to reflection and on-going evaluation. In addition to evaluating accomplishments in terms of meeting specific goals, for teams to be high-performing it is essential for them to understand their development as a team.

15. The stages in team development The facilitator meets individually with managers and team members to understand the context and goals for team development, as well as individual perspectives. After previewing key themes and potential solutions with the manager, the facilitator leads a team-wide workshop to explore potential solutions and develop a concrete action plan and timeline for addressing key issues. As appropriate, the facilitator checks in periodically with the team manager to review progress and provide ongoing support.

16. Becky - in my opinion team development is very important in a hospitality establishment as it improves the team s service skills and relationship which equals a very good service to customers.

17. My opinion is that team development is very important in a hospitality business because it gives employees a better assessment of other employees, it improves communicational skills and understanding and accepting of individual differences.