Mind Mapp Assignment

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Mind Mapp Assignment by Mind Map: Mind Mapp Assignment


1.1. Teachers are expected to do more than just teach nowadays

1.2. In the past, teaching was strictly academic

1.3. "... over the years-particularily because of the latest inclusion iniciative- assesing, planning, and preparing resources have become increasingly complex and time consuming as the demand for differentiation grows." (Kelli Ewasiuk, 2012)

1.4. The closing of resdiential schools showcased the need for including Aboriginal History within public curriculum.

1.4.1. Although there has been issues where Aboriginal opinions and culture has been selectively chosen by the government.

1.5. Education system was styled from the Industrial Revolution, hence having a very structured and academic focus.


2.1. Schools are not only a place where academics are taught but now also social issues are brought forwards.

2.1.1. Students are taught the "rights" and "wrongs" of society such as gay rights and sexual agression.

2.2. Students, as early as kindergarden, are being taught different social issues and how to deal with them.

2.3. Teachers tend to act as the second parents because of the increasing responsibility these educators have regarding their students.

2.4. The work load of teachers has increased enormously because of the increased responsibility and the need for differentiating all instruction.

2.5. Educators are now expected to encompass ALL world views which becomes time consuming and creates a blurry boundary to follow.

2.6. Aboriginal culture and history is more prominent in classrooms today; more "integrated" into society.

2.7. Minority opinions and cultures are being taught to students but often conflicts arise.


3.1. More research and technology present and being used to assist students with their learning.

3.2. Education system is modelled after Industrial Revolution so the purpose is very dated and does not seem relevant to teaching anymore.

3.3. "Who gets to decide the best way to educate our children?" (Michael Peake, 2012)

3.4. "It's up to the government." (Jeff Holubitsky, 2002)

3.5. Technology is becoming almost too overwhelming for teachers to use as it has engulfed every aspect of modern education.

3.6. Teachers are expected to reach every single child and a lot of different learning disabilities and styles, hence all of the extra "overtime" they are expected to be putting in.

4. Personal Perspective

4.1. I think that teachers have an enormous burden and they are expected to fill the shoes of not only an educator but also as another parent.

4.2. Society does not realize the amount of out-of-classroom work teachers put in and hence why in Alberta their salary is larger.

4.3. I think the world is too concerned with academics and that students should be taught to be able to see different ideas and events in different perspectives such as standard, non-standard, and aboriginal.

4.4. Education should be more about students exploring who they are and their own passions instead of just studying subjects that do not engage our students. They need to be able to connect what they are learning to real life and not just thinking they need to learn the content for the time being.

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